Rosette for the frontline?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Nightrained, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. I have recently spent 21 days out in a FOB. On my return, some sappers were discussing that if you spent more than 20 days out in a FOB you are entitled to a rosette on you're medal.

    Now, I'm sure there is more to it or there is some catch. Am I entitled to one? Or is it only if you served in a war like the first couple of months on Telic 1?
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    No rosette, just the Afghanistan bar and a rosette to wear on the ribbon on your 2's, not the medal.
  3. I got a rosette for my medal. :w00t:
  4. Yep, the rosette is worn on the ribbon alone on your 2's, not with the medal. For info:

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  6. So why is a rosette worn with the ribbon?
  7. Simply to indicate that you have earned the clasp, which can only be worn with the medal.
  8. So you couldnt see that bit in the link someone kindly went to the trouble of supplying you with ???????
    Kids today!

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  9. Only two times has it been authorised to wear a rosette on the medal: Falklands war, south atlantic medal inside the exclusion zone. Operation Barras rescue mission, Sierra Leone.
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  12. Okay, another question, does the medal come with the "Helmand" clasp? We heard anymore news on this?
  13. NO...It is not going to happen, these are all the same rumours we were getting on Herrick 4, next you will ask if you can wear the ISAF medal on your 2's and mess kit!
  14. Damn.

    You were on Herrick 4? If you're still apart of 23 then get out here quick, I dying to go back blighty..
  15. Nightrained,

    Having read a FEW of your pieces you are one very young lad with an awful lot of time on your hands!! Take it you are on your first tour then with some of the Mnog questions you come away with.

    Take a chill pill.

    ps, plenty of seniors out there in the Corps are wearing the ISAF miniature tut tut tut