Rosetta Stone Mandarin Chinese

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by PapaGolf, May 11, 2012.

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  1. Anyone got it on .pdf they can let me ponce?, as I am too cheap to buy it. Much obliged
  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Nah, but I've got pimsleurs japaneesey on mp3. How fast do you need it.
  3. Is it any good? If it is, I might give it a punt
  4. Not desperate, just looking for something to pass my time in Afg. And always fancied Chinese, because I want to visit at some point when I retire
  5. China that is, not the Chinese, they deliver
  6. If the Royal Army Education Corps still exists, perhaps they might have an out-of-date copy in their library.
  7. What is your objective?

    I speak/write Mandarin. I would recommend against Rosetta Stone for Putonghua as it's not very good.

    The hardest part about learning Mandarin is writing the wretched characters. Learning to speak is the easiest bit! Reading is quite exponential as you learn the characters/words.
  8. Any reason you can't get it from the Army Library? I've now completed two language courses with Rosetta Stone both from there.
  9. I have a load of PDFs I can send you - they are all flashcards of traditional & simplified with the pinyin & English below. Anyway, I repeat: what is your objective?
  10. Ever wonder why translated chinese on ebay is so ******* shit?

    The chinese characters have different meanings in different contexts, unlike english they do not tally with the spoken word directly on a one for one basis.

    It's the same with Japanese and Kanji script, during the war they used to train two types of translator in Japanese, those that could translate voice traffic and those who could translate the written form, they had to do this as the two do no match up in the way that a native english speaking person would assume they would.
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  12. So you bought an LED torch off Ebay as well then?
  13. I only wanted to learn enough so that I don't come across as another ignorant tourist. Asking directions, eating out, polite conversation and all that other good stuff. I'm not about to break out the ink and brush and start daubing text all over the place
  14. If you are going to Afghanistan, you will be able to pick one up with everything very cheaply (I think 15 yank money)