Rosendael house, Broughty Ferry

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by theylie, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. Haven't heard anything other than what was on the Scottish news. Annoying for the Scottish Government and veterans charity sector for this to come out on the day of the launch of the Armed Forces Commitment paper - More help for forces personnel and veterans in Scotland | from BAFF

    Noted that, according to the BBC story, there have been several complaints (whether justified or not) in connection with Rosendael in recent weeks but the Scottish Veterans Residences (a very worthwhile charity) only became aware today.
  2. Rosendael has recently been refurbished with every room now being en-suite. I popped in about 3 years ago, the place looked lovely and now has a new driveway too. It appears to be an old Jute Barons mansion house modified to suit it's new use.

    The manager is I believe an old ex-Medic RSM but as far as I'm aware no official links exist between 225 Med Regt (Dundee based TA unit) and Rosendael. The local MP Stewart Hosie MP » About visits regularly and the place sells H4H merchandise.

    I've heard (but can't prove) the place doesn't do long term stays and is a sort of half-way house, trying to move people on to other accommodation quickly so they can re-let the rooms to claim maximum occupancy in order to meet company targets.

    Not heard anything bad about it but it's one of those places you're aware of but have little idea of what goes on. The little I know comes from a SSAFA caseworker who's visited there a few times.
  3. Even though I'm a Borderer I can't imagine members of the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) allowing any Veterans Home in their recruiting area to be anything less than acceptable!
  4. It's not only Veterans from Scottish Regiments that are housed there, they even have English Veterans there on occasion!
  5. I've visited as well and thought it looked excellent. So am surprised at the allegations. Not clear if the bullying allegations are staff bullying veterans or veterans bullying veterans? Think the RSM you mention was also LE commissioned.
  6. And tri-service!