Rosemary Nelson Inquiry

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by knockknee, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. As you know, team, there is now an order of important deaths:

    (1) Human Rights Lawyers (Nelson and Finucane being examples) and Irish terrorists

    (2) Television correspondents

    (3) Black persons in custody


    (bottom of pile) You f-cking lot (that's me too then)

    And similarly there is a priority list for public inquiries.

    (1) Human Rights lawyers and Irish and black people whose murders don't get caught

    (2) N/A

    just a certain arrogant fat bastard of your acquaintance wanting his say.

    May I say in advance that the cruellest part of your criticism colleagues is that it is all true.

    I just thought poor old Harry on the Kingsnorth thread going through it. Take a bit of pressure off him.

    Harry. If it is an equipment failure it is due to gremlins.

    If it is a social or criminal problem it is due to scroats.

    Everything can be sorted by sorting out the bloody scroats. Can you not see the arrse way of thinking Harold ?
  2. Send key setting over
  3. Put down turps dress away from keyboard
  4. There's quite a lot of it to read, before you get to the mention of the word army, and Northern Ireland, and RUC, and Cover-Up...

    Somebody's been busy.