Rose & Laurel on Ebay..

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Phisy, Aug 25, 2005.

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  1. Sixteen pounds for it! Amazing.
  2. I may just know someone with a rare millenium anniversary 2000 version of this august journal.

    Another associate has an original xerox copy of Private MI, lodged is a safety deposit box as a long term investment, along with a limited edition programme for the 2 MI Bn retitling parade, signed by both the CO + RSM !!

    Wanted: authenticated copies of any Int Corps redress of grievence applications, (especially WO2 and above)

    Original empty HEKWOP bottle used by D Int during visit to BLMF: offers???
  3. Forgive my ignorance, but what are ....

    "The Engima Years 1941-45."

    Was it a polite word for "Lady-Bits" in those days?

  4. Hekwop!!! Bloody hell I forgot about that stuff!!
  5. Saying that, I've got an original copy of the Official OPSI(A) Conversion Policy; which must be worth a fortune seeing as its never happend..

  6. £16 for one. I'm going to find all my old copies and sell them! After all, what good are they after reading them? Once you've admired your own article in print, seen pictures of yourself looking a knob and found out where all the blokes you like/hate are then it has served its purpose.
  7. Yet knowing this you've still kept them all these years! Clearly you recognise an investment when you see one! :oops:
  8. just too lazy to chuck 'em out!
  9. they are quite handy for propping up one leg of the wonky coffee table.