Rose and Laurel

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by MrsRaven, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. Well it didn't take long - despite the plea by the Editor in the journal not to flog the Rose and Laurel on eBay some f***wit is doing just that with the 2006 edition.

    You may wish to follow the link and ask the seller why he/she is so short of cash that they need £15.00 (with postage). :pissedoff:

    Edited to add: NTTT is there anything that can be done to stop these mongs?
  2. Can you make it Corp property on loan to units ? & add some legal thingy on an introduction ?? to stop this sort of thing ?
  3. Security, it's not a dirty word you know.
  4. Because this was happening with Mars & Minerva, the Association now mark each copy individualy so it can be traced back to whoever received it first. They have to date had "words" with a couple of Association members who no longer belong to the Association.

    String 'em up by the balls I say.
  5. Well the person listing it has put their location as Cheltenham - so that's a start :plotting:
  6. Buy it now, and have a chat later :)
  7. I hope someone has the presence of mind to have a word with our chums on Lansdowne Road ??
  8. Thank you for the heads-up. Clearly the individual concerned has no basic common sense or security awareness. The location given by the seller on the eBay site is also rather obvious and narrows the culprit right down to a select group. They will be identified shortly.

    Whilst the material in the journal is not classified it is obvious open source information and as a consequence we rely on those receiving it to dispose of the journal in an appropriate manner. The individual concerned has obviously failed to reach the rather key level of reliability we normally get from members of the Corps, past and present (I note that their eBay rating isn’t exactly high either). As a consequence the individual will cease to be a member of ICA and will no longer be in receipt of the numerous benefits membership brings.
  9. Someone is selling it already?? I am at Chicksands and still not received a copy.
  10. FFs Guys, breath! You are the Int Corps not the Man from Uncle. OK this guy is being indiscrete but if it shouldn't be known, then it shouldn't be published. You will be telling me that E Mail is secure next.
  11. Wasn't me, but the Internal Security Department of Cotswold ICA is available this weekend to carry out any interviews that might be required. There's a nice little barn off the Stroud road...very remote...and an electricity supply for power tools.

    (BTW. I strive to capture the sixties coolness of Ilya and Napoleon. I remember having to get into Ashford via the changing room in the tailor's shop in the High Street and how proud we were to be issued with the pen radios, happy days)
  12. Why not distribute it via ebay? Thus ensuring everyone receives their copy on time and gets some positive feedback into the bargain :thumright:
  13. Gladys looks like your Mr Waverley cover is still safe then

    Western True but not all journal editors ( if any) understand where you are coming from.

    I hear there are some particularly interesting collectors of Rose + Laurel these days.
  14. FFS you lot.

    Do we have to have a thread on this subject every year?

    If it is that sensitive, don't publish the fcuking thing.

    Just send out cassettes that people can listen to with the words "this message will self destruct" at the end.

    Or like someone has said, just issue it to the units. The old boys can get a different mag, like just a list of the retirees dying off.
  15. individual (possibly a Civvie, theyre all over the place you know!) may have picked it up off a coffee table in a HQ or coffee room, which is where they are normally dumped, I know that all Corps journals like to 'big up' their Corps but surely a Corps such as the Int Corps should know the score when it comes to OpSec and PerSec! Doesnt someone have a look through it for possible breaches before its printed and distributed?