Rose and Laurel pictures

Have just recieved the 2003 issue of the R and L and have seen 3 pictures of myself from Telic in there. Thing is, no one asked me for permission.

Now, i'm not going to jump on the claims band wagon, but there are a lot of young female Corps ladies out there that may see the dashing good looks splattered throughout its glossy pages and be thinking:
"Hell yeah, the careers office were right, the Int Corps is the place to get some action"

I dont want to shatter any illusions and be blamed for breaking any hearts. Who ever submitted them without my knowledge; shame on you Sir, shame on you!
This Rose and Laurel?

Why have they got pictures of you?
CrapSpy said:
FunkyNewBlood said:
Have just recieved the 2003 issue of the R and L
Usual INT CORPS efficiency then; now, where's my copy?
Likewise. Come to think of it, 2003 copy issued in 2005. Sounds like timely dissemination!
relax guys... the covering letter from ICA inside said "Work has already started on the Journal 2004". how proud we should be. sterling work fellas. :D
Do you guys still get it "under plain cover"? :wink:
When you get it.......

Mine seems to arrive on its own schedule. The 2003 copy actually turned up - unlike the previous three issues..................

I always thought Chicksands lived in its own time system.
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