Rose and Laurel on ebay again

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Perevodchik, Mar 4, 2006.

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  1. Surely nothing to worry about here......

    Until you get a visit from the Branch, telling you that there is......

    ".....nothing to worry about here. "

    It makes my blood boil that some people in the Corps are not looking after their journals properly. :evil:

    There used to be a DCI / DIN whereby you could write to the editor of your journal stating that you did not want your name or photo to appear.

    Well spotted P
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The problem really is that it doesn't just go to serving members but to all members of ICA, some of whom are inevitably very old/ill and will die without 'properly disposing' of their Rose and Laurels. Looking at the other stuff this Ebay-er is selling, I would guess he buys books in house clearances etc, and this is probably where this came from...
  3. fcuks sake...

    ...get over yourselves the corps rag can be downloaded over DII....its not cosmic-top-secret, neither is it mars & minerva...

    this is the typical drivel i expect from the corps!
  4. Surely most people from the '82 edition are well past giving a fcuk!

    I mean, if someone wants to track anyone in it down they'll have to go about drawing huge moustaches on everybody to ID them from the pictures contained therein.
  5. Surely this blurb, and it's content is security downgraded to such an extent that it does not matter where it ends up ?..........Intelligence people wanting to be feeling a bit special again eh ?
  6. Would that be as a member, or what exactly?
  7. Most, but not all.............when you find that your home address has been on a terrorist targetting list , in the hands of the peelers, nobody bothers to tell you, and you find out by accident after seven years :oops: ; it does rather alter ones perspective

    When known republicans have been advertising on E bay for copies of R+L in the past 4 months perhaps the likes of Dragoon need to get out just a bit more?
  8. In which case Subsonic, I would say that the 'Intelligent' people who write the content and edit this magazine and authorise its dispersal to Intelligence Corps people should have the good sense to ensure that the content is of no use whatsoever to terrorists, journo's and naughty people in general. If they fail to do this then that is their responsibility, not mine. And, strangely enough, I do get out quite often. Hope your aliens are not getting to you ?
  9. Anything this century?
  10. Gerry can have all mine for a couple of grand! If a terrorist can track me down using the R & L, or any other open source resource, he deserves his chance to "bring it on".
  11. clearly you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. every snippet of intelligence is useful and helps to add pieces to the jigsaw. i am not going to give you an idiot's guide to how it is done.

    unfortunately the journal would have to consist of blank pages for it to be useless to terrorists, you facking ********. perhaps you should listen to people like subsonic, who know what they are talking about from first-hand experience, rather than trying to indulge in some petty oneupmanship.
  12. Or perhaps you should be staying in the NAAFI bar or talking about penetration effects with the rest of your chimp buddies?

    Edited to add. 'You fcuking tawt'
  13. blimey. darkside and lightside agreeing? :)
  14. Scary huh?