Rose and Laurel 2006

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by cpunk, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Mine has just come clattering through the letterbox... is it my imagination, or is there a slightly light-hearted, tongue in cheek quality to some of the editorial comments in this edition which hasn't been in evidence before. I have to admit to blushing to the very roots of my remaining hair on reading the word 'sodding' in one passage...
  2. The postman had to jackhammer my letterbox wider to take the thing. It's come to a pretty pass when you can read most of it and realise that the only names you recognise are in the 'snuffed it' section. Inevitable, I suppose. God, I don't drink enough...
  3. Has anyone at any sections seen one yet, last issue didn't get to our section for effing ages!
  4. Haven't seen that. Adjective or verb?
  5. I confess to having a little PMT when composing certain elements! :meditate: I am glad it is hitting the door mats as we speak - I just hope the dog isn't underneath it when it lands. We cannot afford to be sued for the damage to any unfortunate mutts - the bumper size is down to the efforts of all the contributors.

    Evilgenius, the unit copies will follow shortly. We have changed the method of distribution in an effort to speed it up. Part of last years problem was the extreme difficulty of getting some units to collect the boxes and then distribute the journal to individual soldiers.

    I take no responsibility for the caption on the bottom photograph on page 71 - it was the Corps Sec she made me do it. :neutral:
  6. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Adjective I'm afraid... page 94, line 3. I'm still trembling just thinking about it.
  7. I have spotted the first mistake - we have promoted a certain ex-Director to Lt Gen before the Army Board has had a chance to make the decision.

    I am now resigning as deputy, under editor...
  8. ...and just what were you doing under there??? :roll:
  9. Doh! Bloo*y punctuation - now you know why I have sacked myself!
  10. Yes, I had a big one drop into my box yesterday..............
  11. I tend to see the first copy for sale on e-bay before I receive mine.....
  12. My favourite is the double entendre at the bottom of page 150 - top notch!
  13. There is no truth in the rumour that they won the competition because of the anchor man (third left) having extra e-numbers in his Ribena honest.

  14. ooohhh it's so tempting.....
  15. Spent most of last night reading it. A substantial work. I haven't seen anything that big come through my letterbox since the last tax bill.

    On a serious note, though. Page 38...SOXMIS, what, how, why ????

    Do they queue up for Morrisons own-brand whiskey and get all their dental work done by the RADC before buying one of the two damaged stereos on offer in Aldi. Then try to hide it in the boot of an 1976 Opel Commodore in a corner of the car park.

    Do we have to report any sightings of them to Herford ?