Rorkes Drift

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by plant_life, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. On this day in 1879 Lt JRM Chard commanded the garrison at Rorke's Drift against thousands of Zulus and won the VC. HURRAH FOR THE CRE etc.
  2. Ive just come back from visiting there, very eeire place, even now.
  3. Chard Biography link

  4. [​IMG]

    John Chard was born near Plymouth in December 1847. His elder brother became a Colonel in the Royal Fusiliers. His younger brother was a clergyman. There were four sisters. He was commissioned into the Royal Engineers in July 1868. He served in Bermuda and Malta. He joined No. 5 Company RE in South Africa in 5 January 1879.
    He did not arrive at Rorke's Drift until 19 January and was the senior officer present on 22/23 January 1879, having been left in command by Major Spalding. He was given a brevet Majority after Rorke's Drift. He received the VC from Sir Garnet Wolseley at St Paul's, Zululand on 16 July 1879

    Info taken from here

    Whit's is a better link. Beat me to it ye bastage :threaten:
  5. So it was. Just imagine if they're had been a full company of Engineers and not just one man.

    I want to put my name down for the battlefield tour of Rorksdrift next year.
  6. You'll more than likely be doing a battlefield tour in the Stan or Iraq. :D

    As already stated "Hurrah for the CRE". May the traditions of the Corp live on. UBIQUE.

  7. It's Stan and it's fairly soon. Altough I don't know if I'll be on it since i'm a new guy with no experiance.
  8. You will definately go, its the best way to get experience!

  9. He was only in the RE cos he was waiting for his call up papers for the REME! (Mighta taken a while)
    Hussar for the Wedges.
    Loved my time with the Engineers.
  10. He wouldn't have let himself get downgraded that far, it was bad enough working with the Inf. :D :thumright:
  11. Auld-Yin

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    Not when there are thousands of Zulus wanting to 'wash their spears' in your blood. PBI come in very handy then!
  12. and the spotter prize today...

    Out of idle interest. Until about 1995, the great great great (i think that's enough) nephew of Pte Fred Hitch VC of Rorke's Drift fame served with the RE through CVHQ RE at Gib Bks. QS for his day job.

  13. Think everyone is ignoring the fact that both officers involved were incompetent if you know your history. Eleven VC's were given out just to disguise the fact that the British army had just experienced one of its greatest defeats and to protect Lord whatisname who was a favourite of Queen Victoria's. The film takes a hell of a lot of liberties.

    The geezer in charge of the Zulu's was told not to attack fixed positions like the drift but wanted to prove how good he was and screwed up. There was no salute from the Zulu's, they fukced off quick when they saw a relief column coming.

    Having said that, the rank and file did a good job but so would I if some bassad was trying to spear my guts.

    See 'Further Information' paragraph...

    Hook baited, bite imminent? :plotting:
  15. From all the accounts available to read, seems like that quite the opposite is true. And to prove the point was the Drift over run?