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Rorkes Drift - A Welsh Triumph? Not really.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by johno2499, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. The Welsh lobby is running riot now Cardiff City have reached the FA Cup Final. Cardiff will represent England if they win - due to a very late rule change. For the first time in history, a Welsh "National" Anthem will be sung at the FA Cup final. All arranged very late on by huge political interference in sport.
    Much nonsense is being offered in support of these decisions. There are references on websites to Rorke's Drift and "Men of Harlech", for example.
    OK so we have all seen the "Zulu" film.
    In reality, the battle took place in 1879 when the Regiment was actually the 2nd Warwickshires. It became the South Wales Borderers in 1881. There were some Welshmen there as the Regiment had most recently been stationed in Wales. Most of the soldiers, including most of the VCs, were not Welsh. "Men of Harlech" was not sung.
    The film is entertaining but historically inaccurate. So leave it out, please, Welshmen! PS Play up Pompey! God save the Queen!
  2. As long as it's this version of 'Men of Harlech', what't the problem... :wink:

    A Welsh anthem....

    "Men of Harlech
    Stop complaining
    Wales was made for
    Army training
    Always cold
    And always raining
    A Sh!t-house
    That's for sure!"

  3. Men of Harlech
    Stop complaining
    Wales was made for
    Army training
    Always cold
    And always raining
    A Sh!t-house
    That's for sure!"

    Airfux and other southern nancy boys are welcome to come to wales for toughening up, Might make men of you
  4. Oh yeah Wales, where the men are men and the sheep are nervous.
  5. Yep, we shag em', you then eat em' :wink:

    Enjoy. :lol:
  6. God Save the Queen & Play up Pompey! :D

    Urggh. Feel dirty now. Hope NUFC will forgive me :oops:
  7. Been there. Done it. Got the T shirt. By the way, what's that Northern nancy boy Clarkson doing on your page?
  8. Not to mention that the "men of Harlech" were actually English as well, since this was an English-built Royal castle garrisoned against the revolting natives....
  9. Bollox to 'em! I'm a Brit and proud. Can't be messin' with nationalists, whether Welsh, English, Irish or Scots!
    Rule Britannia!
  10. I think if you look hard enough at the composition of most regiments of the British army, no matter what their titles now, you'll find they were a mix of English Irish Scots and Welsh depending on where they were posted and recruited previously. It was in truth a British army and as an ex member I'm proud to say I'm British and served alongside Britons of all the constituent countries and never thought of them as anything but British. Even the Black Watch when stationed in Dhekelia in 1960 had a very large number of Gloucestershire men in their ranks.
  11. Yeah - but in the 19th Century the British Army was 45% Irish in the ranks and 50%+ Anglo-Irish officers. If you look at any memorial for 19th Century campaign you will see a large number of Irish surnames no matter which regiment.
  12. Because we were all British then! British together.

    The Irish separatist movement has done no favours for the Irish or the rest of the British. There is more that unites us than divides us.

    Come back to the fold, let us have a roving parliament that spends five years in London, five in Dublin, five in Cardiff and five in Edinburgh in turn. Let us revive the Commonwealth, denounce the princes and prelates of continental Europe and stand together, British one and all, prosperous, fair and strong!
  13. Absolutely! I agree 100%. Quis seperabit.
  14. Fcuk reviving the Commonwealth lets get amongst it and revive the Empire.