roral engineers / geographic survey technician

i am from the seychelles and i am currently in the uk to apply to join the brittish army.
my interests is in the geographic survey technician job in the royal engineers, as i already have a background and certificate in that field.

i have already started my application to join and i currently have to undergo the BARB test and score 55 poits to get this job.

i have also been given the opportunity to undergo an aptitude test for this job at Hermitage at the royal engineers regiment.
i have already been given the information booklet for the test and it is for 5 days and involves about 10 tests altogether.
i am supposed to go down there on the 11th of july this month.

i belive that i would not have much problems wit the tests however i would be most gratefull to anybody who may have undergone any similar
situation to let me know about it. or who may be able to shed some more light on this issue.



Do you have any academic qualifications already? Geo Tech is academically the most demanding trade in a technical Corps, so expect lots of maths!
Well,if you plough the Geo Tech exam,you could try Surveyor Engineering,also a tech trade,where you can mix with real sappers,in a Field Sqn.Once in a Survey unit,you'll have an interesting time,but you'll do almost no combat engineering.
Survey units travel a lot,and sports facilities are excellent.
as a svy engr myself, I'd recommend svy engr over geo tech, purely for the fact that you'll be in a fd tp in a fd sqn, not only doing your trade, but all the fun cbt engr sh*t as well, ie dems, live firing etc.

however, you also do spend a fair bit of time doing the crap cbt engr jobs (oiling shovels etc) which the geo techs probably don't do.
And as a Surveyor you get a gucci little magazine sent to you every so often, trying to convince you that not only is the world flat but that you are part of a small and elite band of super troopers...

Still, cdn_spr is right in what he says. Go Surveyor if you want to serve in Field Squadrons and Geo Tech if you find HQ formations and purely Survey Squadrons to be more your bag. And, as a Geo Tech, you might be able to avoid ever having to go to Gib again after your B3, which has gotta be worth something!

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