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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tango, Dec 18, 2005.

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  1. I'm far from a fan of Madonna, but i've just watched her new video last night, and
    the lads were divided on the subject when I asked them, so I thought I'd put it
    to a wider audience.

    So - would you?
  2. Didn't someone describe her new video as like watching a horny corpse ?
  3. Yes - and you can bet she would be filthy............

    not convinced about the leotard thing though
  4. Until her pelvis snapped - probably because I watched Body of Evidence last night though...
  5. Which would probably be immediately after penetration, considering how brittle and thin her bones must be from living on water and sprouts for twenty years.

    As for her being filthy...come on, does Guy Ritchie look like he's having a good time to you?
  6. She hasn't tickled my fancy since the Material Girl video, I'm afraid.
  7. Bits of broken pelvis rubbing up and down your shaft while you listen to her scream in agony? Sounds like a good night to me.

    As for Ritchie - he's a plazzie cockney, he has no right to be happy.
  8. Well, up until seeng the recent video I would probably have relished the idea of throwing one up her......

    but that video, uggghhhhhhhh - as someone said, a horny corpse!

    but back in the "Body of Evidence" days then I would have been at it til she had to walk funny.
  9. Sprouts and water diet!

    I'll bet its fun under the quilt with Maddy.
  10. Thank goodness. I thought this was another thread about me.

    I can confirm though that seeing Madonna's spiders legs creeping out of her leotard is not attractive. Guy should get her a waxing.
  11. Glad it's not just me,never found her/it remotely attractive.
  12. I’d do rude things to Madonna, all she has to do is ask :D
  13. yes???? no????

    the real question is 'how much have i had to drink first' :?

    judging on my personal experience with alcohol and the rules of attraction, absolutly anything is (or has been) possible. :roll:


    Q/ wots th' difference between a pig and a fox ?? A/ 6 pints.
  14. tis very true.......

    the world can look very different viewed through the bottom of a few beer glasses.
  15. I would bang her from dusk til dawn ! no problems, anyone who says they wouldn't must have stunners on their arms or ? Jeez ,imagine it "Hi Im Madonna" (as if u didnt know) "would you like to go for somethin to eat and come back to mine?"

    No sorry love didnt like you in your new video

    Fcucks sake lol