Hi everyone,

I'm going to MB on 3rd Nov..anyone else going?

I've just had a letter through from my local careers advisor wishing me good luck and he has listed several tips for the board. However, this is the second letter he has sent me stressing about the importance of being able to climb a rope! :cry: Has everyone else been practicing the rope climb? I've yet to attempt it with 4 weeks to go but after the letter I'm going out to buy myself a rope! I had previously just been blasting out the upper body work (as I'm female and somewhat challenged) hoping this would carry me through. What are your thoughts?
Also I'm worried about the obstacle course. I haven't had a definate answer as to what to expect other than the one's done at briefing. Has anyone done main board that could shed some light on how many obstacles there are? Thanks.
Rope climbing is ALL about technique. If you climb a rope purely using upper body you won't be able to do it for long. It took me a few times to be able to learn how to do it well, but you'll get the hang (literally) of it soon enough!
Hi I did my main board a few months ago.

Dont worry too much about being able to climb a rope, the obstacles on the course at the main board do not require you to directly climb a rope per se, you need to be able to swing on one though, but you will have done that on one of the obstacles at your briefing. I would concentrate more on your ability to handle your own bodyweight (ie. climbing walls and such) than your direct ability to climb a rope.

Did they not go through correct technique on rope climbing at your briefing anyway?

I dont want to spoil the surprise of the obstacle course for you too much so that is all i will say, a bit of nerves is a good thing as well. One thing is definate, no matter how fit your are, you will still be blowing out of your arse by then end of it!

Good luck and enjoy the most difficult but most enjoyable job interview of your life!
Depending on a check up next Thursday I should be on the same main board as you, just look for a short, vocal welsh guy.
Am on same MB. Don't worry about the actual ability to climb a rope as there is only 1 part of the obstacle course with ''rope climb'' in it and it is not a full rope clib.

Rope climbing is all technique, the 'rope climb' aspect of the obstacle course at Main Board is more a case of reach up, grab the rope, then haul your legs up. As for any other aspects at MB... you'll have to wait and see what they are when you get there.

If you're looking to purchase new stock for training then check out they do a vast range and have a good range of Manilla all the way up to 36mm and cut/finished to order.

Check these videos for some rope skills, awesome:

Get on youtube and search for rope climbing technique video's, or search for Ninja Warrior if you want some real assault course action.
hugill298 said:
dont go out and buy a rope for main board. Your only a few weeks away from main board and buying a rope would be a waste of time..
Whoah whoah whoah! A rope is for life, not just for Main Board!

Quality bit of kit, very versatile and awesome for upper body. Get some!

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