Rope climbing - what thickness/style should I buy?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by P-Ride, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. I am going to buy some rope to practise climbing this weekend.

    Whether or not you think this is a good idea - I certainly do.

    What thickness/style is used?

  2. Unable to compute due to lack of input; please specify:

    do you intend to rope climb as in in haul your body hand over hand up a rope, or

    do you plan on rock climbing and use a rope to secure yourself if falling, if so:
    will you be static climbing, securing with a rope fastened to some solid structure topside (rock, big tree with good roots etc) and a rope break (Sticht) in which case a 9 mill or two 5.5 mill will do- or

    secured from below using belays along the route (prebolted or self positioned anchors) what are the potential distances between anchor points (a flexible 11 mm rope usually does the trick)
  3. Contact; theoutdorshop,
    Tel; 01908 568913
    Located on the High Street, Stoney Stratford, Milton Keynes, Bucks.

    They have a excellent selection of ropes for all occasions, as well as harness, screw gates etc.

    Advise them what you are going to do and they will recommend the correct rope, etc. They have climbers on thier staff.

    They also do a discount for HM Forces, Emergency Services, DOE, Scouts etc. (On production of ID).

    They also have regular sales, so it is possible to pick up a good rope quite cheap due to it not selling, possible due to the colour or current fad.

    I have brought in the past, a bright red (pinky) coloured rope for less than half the RRP, due to it not selling because of the colour.

    Most of my ropes are around 10 mm (ish), but due to shot hands they don't get much use now.

    Be careful and don't buy second hand, I know of some body who was selling some second hand ropes but he forgot to mention to the buyers, that he fell quite a distance on some of them, I think the buyers suss him out though, because the seller had his arm and leg in plaster.

    Where are you going to climb?

    Good luck.
  4. He's not talking about climbing rope guys. He's after hemp gym rope. I did have a link somewhere but have largely replaced my favourites with porn.
  5. Considering this is in the Regular Officer Recruiting forum and not Sports/AT, are you referring to practising climbing the rope in the assault course at AOSB?? Or proper climbing.

    If the former, then wahhhhh shield activated. If the latter, are you trad or sport climbing? Beginner looking single rope or more advanced looking for quickdry twin roping stuff?
  6. The climbing ropes that are used in the gym are the same size as the ropes used in a tug-o-war match.

    Now if you cannot envision the tug-o-war rope...your back to square one.
  7. I gathered that, hence my link. Spastic ;)
  8. I was referring to the others mate. I'd have called you 'fella' :D
  9. DB, now we're getting somewhere: "Where are you going to climb?" Excellent question.

    As when buying a fishing rod, if the salesman (it has to be a man) does not ask: "What river are you fishing, Sir", perform an about-turn and leave.
  10. 1 1/2" (36mm) manila is what you're looking for. Expect to pay about £5 per metre plus another 5 or 6 quid to get the ends whipped. Its not worth bothering with less than 5m, and allow an extra 2m for tying off.
    Have fun Tarzan.
  11. In rush to leave house. Meant the kind for actually hanging from a tree and climbing up - not one to secure me on a rockface! Will reply laters, thanks
  12. Not to knock you commitment or anything but if you're doing this in prep for the AOSB it would probably be a lot easier to just get yourself a £10 chin up bar and use that. You don't actually need to climb a rope at AOSB but you need general upper body strength that can be built by doing chin/pull ups.

    Incidentally, this is what I did in between briefing and main board and it made a lot of difference.

    Much easier, more convenient and more general benefits. However, if you're really set on getting a rope then I've got nothing more to add!

    Good luck!
  13. You don't live in Bridgend do you :?

    Anyway the climbing is technique, not strength.
  14. do lots of pulls ups, and then pop around to a local school gym or similar that may or may not ahve a rope....

    cheap as chips. Some leisure centres have them too.