Rootkit removal

Last week my system fell victim to a rootkit which I didn't manage to sort out until yesturday when I did a system restore which seemed to work - however now the previously affected computer and the other computers using the wireless router all have started displaying the symptoms that eventually led up to the discovery of the rootkit in the first instance.

Is there any way bar reformatting I could reliably scan and delete a rootkit if it is there? Malwarebytes missed it completely and Avast only detected it as the rootkit took over the computer last time and both were unable to detect it when booted in safe mode.
Try this: Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit just download the files to a folder on a memory stick and run a2emergencykit.exe

If you have a rootkit, it may be wiser to wipe the drive and start again from known good media.

P.S. Which antivirus are you using?
I no longer recommend malwarebytes - emsisoft seems to be more thorough.

Let us know what it finds.

Get the name of the rootkit and google it. You'll find the footsteps of others who have had it and posted in forums asking for methods of removal.

There is a lot of help out there but unless you get someone to give you 1-2-1 advice, you'll be on your own.
Sorry about the delay in replying, I was unable to get to the computer for a day and then forgot to update.

I ran the scans on both computers and they didn't pick up anything but an abundance of cookies that malware bytes missed (100 + on one machine).

Still, I haven't had any problems so I'll just avoid using sensitive information on this rig. Thanks gents.

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