Rooting for the Frogs?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dwarf, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. Perhaps this would be better in the sports bit but....

    Tonight because we like rugby and especially that wonderful competition the 6 Nations, I am off to watch the Wales-France game in a bar down in Girona with a couple of mates.
    However it struck me that I am inclined not so much to a Gallic win as more to a Welsh defeat because if the Taffs get back-to-back Slams they will be insufferable.
    Then I was forced to face the unpalatable, should I actually root for the Frogs? Or should I just accept the result whatever it is and hope that the Paddies or Jocks can trip the Taffs up?

    So given the fact that whenever England play, all our Celtic cousins are shouting for the other side would it be acceptable for an Englishman to
    lend his support to the French?
    In fact are there any circumstances that you could visualise when an Englishman should do that terrible thing and root for the Frogs?
  2. If the Frogs win it will do my home team no harm at all.

    WHAT... Support the frogs?

    Well maybe a little.
  3. Sorry, I just can't do that.
  4. I think you will find it is a bit late for the Jocks to trip us up

  5. But Paddyland might.

    And that will be good game
  6. Support the cheese eating surrender monkeys? Like that's ever going to happen.
  7. Treason... You'll be hung, drawn and quartered... Not necessarily in that order...

    The Taffs have always been insufferable... No change there...
  8. "As long as we beat the Engiish we don't care"
  9. well Im not Welsh but I'll be supporting them tonight...who the hell wants the frogs to win except when they're playing NZ in the world cup and beat them as they normally do :D
  10. I'm not actually going to do the dark deed, I just wondered if it could ever be done under certain circumstances and not limited to rugby necessarily.
  11. You say that now... :wink:
  12. I have watched a few Internationals when I have been in Brittany. If the French are playing Wales, the Bretons cheer on Wales: Usually, they'll cheer on anyone but France :lol:
  13. If France beats Wales then that's one step nearer the Grand Slam for Ireland so Allez la France IMHO
  14. Allez La France, allez la France allez!
  15. As an Englishman living in Wales I hope the French stuff them or I'll never hear the end of it. :p

    Off to watch it now :D