Rooney says "I am watching the Rugby League !"

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by dunstaggin, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. What do you expect from that idiot, he'll probably be supporting France anyway, because he likes the colour of the tops. ******.
  2. Ha Ha.

    Get back in your box, Jeeves.
  3. You would have thought he had played himself a few times.... he has the face of a second row after a particularly nasty scrum, and the front row as just farted in his face.
  4. Surely you are mistaken there is no need to make for a nasty scrum, in Union the scrum might well be contested but in League it is to all appearences an opportunity for some blokes to cuddle and swap telephone numbers while someone else cheats by putting the ball directly into his own second row!
  5. I didnt realise you could get Rugby League on CBeebies unless Rooney has been upgraded. :wink:
  6. Not one real try at the big yawnion match !

    Still all 'Kick and clap'....

    The class war is still alive in the Army.

    And what's all that ballet stuff they do from the touchlines ? A 'plie' Tarquin old chap ?

    They only take RL players at the end of their careers a la Andy Farrell and Jason Robinson.And even then, they are better than the yawnion bunch.

    Their forwards are all fat blokes.

    Here, how many ruperts are in here ?
  7. Well done Rooney, at times you have to watch League matches and yesterday was compulsory. First silverware for Leeds earned by Rhino's, city council get a dry run for the League 1 and championship parades for other Leeds teams
  8. Couldn't you watch both,I did one kicked off at 5.30 the other at 8.00.Both matches were fook*ng great.
  9. Well done Leeds, from a Wigan fan. 8)