Rooney Red Card


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Bugger me sideways with a barge pole - that wasn't a bloody red card!

Well done ref, sending a player off for being fouled. ********


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I would assume that PTP will be moving this to 'sports'. However, having someone stamp on your genitalia isn't a red card offence?

You must have played in a hard league.
After all the fuss..... will he play or will he metatarsal and so on... he goes and gets himself sent off! Not in posession of the team england brain cell today Wayne? Silly sod..... England has a chance but now with 10 men in 30 mins extra time!! Come on England! But not to penalties please... not penalties!!!!!!

just in case you missed it.


What a toss*r.
Shrek needs banged.
I cant believe no one has blamed Ronaldo - the little tw*t ran 20 yards to get a teamate sent off. If you watch the ref, he sends rooney off for the push on him, rather than the stamp on Carvalio
Rooney has let down his country, his team and his manager. he has a lot of growing uto do.
And it went to penalties..... and England still can't do penalties! Why oh why oh why can't they do some more training to practice penalties? I am not a foot ball coach or player, nor do i have much of a clue about football other than wanting my countrie's team to win, but why as soon as they say penalties, do they all get that face you see on a student going in to an exam who has not studied for the subject........
Overpaid, Under-achieving T0ssers. As usual
we lost becasue the bloody referee was from ******* argentina. thats why we were never gonna win because of that twat.
bloody penalties we should know better by now. what a load of sh1t. please complete tyhe phrase sven is a .............
He is an arrse. Good player, shame he can't stay on the bloody pitch.
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