Rooney or Ronaldo - who do you blame?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jul 2, 2006.

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  1. Christiano Ronaldo

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  2. Wayne Rooney

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  3. The Ref

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  1. You are a sniper in your perch at Old Trafford... you have one bullet... you are bitter about our exit from the World Cup.

    Which one do you blame?

    Personally, i think that whingeing, whining, playacting, petulant little portuguese c*nt should get battered by every english player for the way he contributed to getting the chubster sent off.

    (and i thought the referee actually handled the game well, ignoring so much portuguese playacting and diving. although he could have cautioned a couple of the poofs)
  2. As much as I want to slap Rooney for his Chavtastic inability to behave in a professional manner, Christiano Ronaldo would get the round in his swede for all of the teeth-sucking he was doing.
  3. it has to be the Shrek look-a-like. If he didn't act like a spoilt child whenever he got told off, he wouldn't have got sent off and we might actually of had a chance....winker!
  4. I would say Ronaldo but as he won't playing at Old Trafford next season unless we pull his new club in the champions league.
  5. Rooney, then down to the pitch and give him a good clubbing with the butt just to make sure.

    If he hadn't kicked another player in the bollocks when he was on the ground, in a display of poor temper and very poor sportsmanship, then Ronaldo wouldn't have had anything to complain to the ref about.

    I watched the slow mo replay, the commentators said it was a fair dismissal, and I agree with them.

    Until that spud-faced goit gets his temper under control, he shouldn't be allowed to put an England shirt on again.
  6. at least he plays with a bit of passion!!!

    1771, check your PMs.
  7. The only passion Rooney plays with is acting like a spoilt brat
  8. It is going to be interesting when Rooney and Ronaldo get back to Old Trafford as team mates! I wonder who will go first!
  9. actually i've changed my mind. i would shoot doctrine.
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Well as Shrek went to the world cup against Sir Alex's wishes and Ronaldo just helped put the Auld Enemy out of the cup - it will be a close call :lol: Do you think Everton will have Rooney back? :p 8)
  11. I don't think even his mum will have the petualnt tw@ back !
  12. wouldnt be surprised if ronaldo fucks off to spain, when he sees his hatemail and gets his car burnt out...
  13. Ronaldo, as iv'e always thought he was a continental ponce.
  14. Ronaldo tried it on and the plan worked, always hated that cnut, but if i was impartial (and i'm not) Portugal knew Rooney's weakness was his temper and they played to it. Hopefully it will be positive and Rooney will learn as Beckham did 8 years ago.

    I also dont think Rooney being sent off cost us the match, England didn't really look like scoring so it was always going to come down to penalties.
  15. What about the blatant fouls on Rooney by the two Portugese? Kicking him in the legs, not getting the ball - if the ref had called those fouls first none of it would have happened.

    Would shoot Ronaldo though.