Rooney is scum

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Filbert Fox, Nov 18, 2004.

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  1. Yes, he is scum and should be disciplined

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  2. Hes just young and needs to be coached

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  1. not only was the game boring, Rooney needs his Arrse kicking, not just for running around fouling everyone and getting substituted early on, but for showing such disgraceful disrespect for that footballing legend, Emlyn Hughes, by throwing his black armband to the ground as he stomped off.
  2. I suspect that Rooney did not realise what he was doing with the armband - even he would not have deliberately dissed Emlyn.

    The scum last night where all Spanish.

    Disgraceful, racist scum.
  3. true, they were disgraceful.
  4. It's just a game - and a deeply tedious one at that. Most footballers are badly educated chav scum - Beckham, Rooney, the one just charged with rape, etc. Too much money appears to make people think that what they do or say is important.

    Shoot the lot of them and dump 'em in Bernie's pit.

    Here's an idea - ban moronball instead of hunting!
  5. The spanish crowd won the game. With all the talk in the press during the last week about racisium in football between the two sides it was made an issue. The spanish crowd used this to unsettle the engish players and it worked.

    Before the counter-battery comes my way i do feel that their actions were unacceptable.
  6. All puffy footballers should be bundled into a big barrell and fired into space.

    Over paid premadonna backsliding homo's kicking a bag of wind looking for an excuse to tongue and cuddle each other.

    Give the defenders flickhammers and sithes, then let them play :D
  7. The old radar has been a bit wonky lately but on this one I'm sensing that MDN and VB are not football fans. Over paid and pampered players quickly begin to believe their own media. They should have a rule of "bringing the game in to disrepute" which should attract hefty fines. Perhaps a bit more respect and application might drift back into the game.
  8. Rooney, black armband, unforgivable
  9. One of our NCO's told me his lad, a five year old Everton fan, took all his Rooney posters, shirt etc and had a little bonfire in the backgarden.

    "I hate Shrek" the young lad said.

    Nuff said.
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    There we have it VB, the difference between a game and sport !
  11. As you are on the subject of young Wayne not only should he beasted for the armband incident, but after he scored for the mancs from castle greyskull [sat Liverpool] any other team player would be in the refs report

    That mobil should of hit him in his fat shrek head :!:

    he's fat , he's scouse he'll rob yer fcukin house,Wayne Rooney,Wayne Rooney :!: [/i]