Rooney and his Ghost Writer Lied......

Apologies if already done - A search suggests it hasn't.

Wayne Rooney, his 'Ghost Writer' and their publisher lied when the fat shithouse made what were baseless allegations about David Moyes in his book 'My Story So Far'......

Moyes has received substantial damages which he has donated to the Everton Former Players' Foundation. The Foundation was set up to help those former players that have since fallen on hard times. And by that, I mean players from many years ago who are now old men and were paid the minimum wage 'back in the day’. Nice touch by Moyes when most would have trousered the cash.....

Do you think Fatboy will learn....?? Do you think that as a result he will get better 'advisors' ...?? no, neither did I

Full Story......
Is it not possible for 'celebrities' and other famous people to simply tell the truth and not bull to make themselves seem better or other people to look foolish?

I suppose the most obvious other book/author to mention who is (allegedly) guilty of this on ARRSE would have to be Andy McNab and Bravo Two Zero, the greatest work of fiction since vows of fidelity was included in the French marriage service.

Yes I know mentioned a million times before but isn't that the point?
he's working on an album now.........................

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