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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by itsneverdullinhull, Jul 30, 2006.

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  1. can sqn ocs and or SSM's enter your room whilst you are not thier without due reason? cheers in advance for clarifying this
  2. I would guess that, as your accommodation is provided by HM, Seniors can pretty much do what they want - if only to count the curtain hooks - as long as they're carrying out their duties or a legitimate order.

    I trust they would also have the sense to make sure there were at least two of them and that they reported it somewhere - otherwise they'd be at risk of "there was £200 and a gold ring on my bed and now it's gawn" type claims.

    Look forward to hearing the informed answer!

  3. In my old unit, they had to give 24 hours notice of an inspection. But maybe that was just the CO's policy.

    Although the SQMS (and I guess the QM, by default) did if he had to do SQ type stuff. Although, normally he would send a Sapper or someone who lived in the block to do it.
  4. my bold

    It is not your room it is only on temporary loan.

    It would be a very poor NCO who did not know what was going on in he accommodation and who would be explaining why they did not know to the CO when they found you a. hanging from the light b. growing dope under the bed c. running a brothel from your locker d. have a rat infestation because you are gungy and unclean.
  5. 'Without due reason?' You mean other than they are the SQN OC or SSM, it's their bl**dy train set, they may like to ensure you havn't a hydroponic system on the go and if you don't like it they can always arrange for you to be in a ten man block by tomorrow? No, apart from that they've no reason to be in there. Why not march down their office and have it out with them?
  6. Forgot to say, they sometimes used to go around the accomadation and enter rooms if they were not locked. then again, we were treated slightly more adult (only slightly, mind), than some other regiments.
  7. But of course in many units this would in and of itself be an offence under the big red book (no not This is Your Life!). I seen this covered in USOs as a requirement to secure all personal and military property under lock and key and the failure to do so is (could be) inciting others to commit an offence they would not have otherwise done. By the by, yes of course they have the absolute right to enter your room, locked or not at any time. I agree that there should normally be 2 people there if the room was locked, if it wasn't that's immaterials as anyone could have taken anything that was missing. Answer is has always has been if you don't like barracks life rent your own place, the grass isn't always greener though!

  8. i always thought that they had to be in the precence of yourself or a member of her majesties royal monkey police. never seen it written down though.

    if im not home or around the area the door stays locked. im not having anyone wander around my room and then leave it open for 4 hours. untill i get back from lunch or whenever im next in the block. i cannot account for all of my room contents and my insurance would be void if i had left the door open. it has been suggested that i leave the keys in the doors and go to work plenty of times... i think its wrong.

    dont be afraid to voice your concerns to your COC, if you arent too confident let your flat NCO put it to the powers that be.
  9. If your paying rent then no they have no right to entire , remind them they are subject to the law of the land , for too long officers and others think they can do what they like .
    If you or they have any problem with this contact Gilbert Blades , Solicitor Lincoln and ask his advice . Just mention this to the CO or RSM and watch them back down fast
  10. ruddy hell, times have changed then
  11. Excuse me barging into your Forum, treat it as a room inspection, if you like. ;)

    This question has been asked before, possibly here, possibly on ArmyNet and the basic answer was:

    Room Inspections are required by QRs (I forget how often), so it's just a fact of life that it happens, it's nothing personal. (If you're subjected to frequent Inspections, perhaps it is personal after all, but there'll be a reason for it).

    There is no requirement for the SNCO conducting the Inspection to be accompanied, but to avoid claims of theft or improper behaviour, it's usual for the SNCO to be accompanied. It's often felt best if a representative of the room or block is present, but this can't always be arranged.

    There is no requirement for any notice to be given, but in the grown-up world, it's good manners (gives an opportunity for last week's pizza boxes to be disposed of and saves hassle for all those involved).

    Whoever is conducting the Inspection can access any part of the room, including any drawers etc. If you don't want something to be seen, lock it away. If the person inspecting wants to see inside the locked cupboard, locker, drawer etc., he will have to make arrangements for you to open it, giving you more breathing space to hide your gay mags or whatever.

    The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the room is clean, maintained, and free of items that shouldn't be there. As your rooms are undoubtedly always maintained in this state, an Inspection shouldn't cause much grief, particularly if everyone (Juniors and Seniors) adopts a grown-up attitude to it.
  12. in My mob you had to get escorted by the senior soldier, out of hours unless you were sgt/cpl in waiting
  13. Cpl in waiting??
  14. sorry been away on leave out of the country.

    turns out that at my unit yes room inspections do happen when your on leave and afterwards they leave your door open for 4 days. Stil on leave now but was spotted by a mucker in the block and has been reported up the chain and locked via the guardroom.

    some very mixed replies to this, ive heared the rumour about a duty RMP needed to be in attendance but never had it validated.