Room Inpections

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by Rtr, Oct 12, 2011.

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  1. Rtr

    Rtr Swinger

    The sqms keep entering our rooms and going through our lockers. There has been alot of theft in the SLA and i was wondering what the rules are with the sqms doing this? Any solid advice?
  2. Aw, diddums! A SSgt inspecting your rooms? Shock, horror!. Are you in attendance when he does this? Do you lock your lockers if you are not and does he break into them? If he breaks into them, report him. If not, welcome to the Army.
  3. And?
  4. has he emptied your locker in good old fashioned SSgt way yet?
  5. Crikey you're so lucky.
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  6. a padlock on your lockers and securing your kit normally does the trick....also teaches you how to look after your kit whilst on tour.......basics.
    However if you are accusing someone like the SQMS of theft hope you have a water tight case then call in the RMP.
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  7. Make sure your kit is locked away, make sure you have kit insurance and if you are sure kit has been stolen phone the RMP; Simples!
  8. Leap on top of him and fill him in, or, if he's bigger than you, wait until he's got his head in your locker than fill him in. Don't stand for any of his 'Directing Staff' excuses.
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  9. HHH

    HHH LE

    You have to be joking, right, you are, aren't you !!!
  10. Are you scared he'll find all the kit you robbed?
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  11. Rtr

    Rtr Swinger

    I dont think some of you guys are getting the point! It's brand new rooms so the do is locked. We can't put pad locks on the doors because we will get billed for the damage. So, is the q allowed to open up are rooms and go though are military and personal kit as he pleases?
  12. So your saying you cant padlock your lockers??? and lock anything valuable away, then no one can get into your lockers..................what the **** do you think everyones done for the last 100 years when we shared rooms and didnt hide away in your 1 bloke room **** pads on your X boxes wallowing in self pity.
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  13. Rtr

    Rtr Swinger

    That's exactly what im saying. Once they get the master key they are free to stick there grids in any locker they want!
  14. Did he steal your shin splints?
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  15. never heard of room inpections [sic].

    The sqms staff 'll say they're doing routine health &safety inspections/fire inspection/hygiene/whatever.

    ensure you have queens regs, agais, before barrack room lawyer'ing it.

    or, leave the room door ajar slightly and put a bucket of water/spaff/shite over the gap, so next time, it'll be a nice surprise. then wait for the cleaning bill.