Room for the MPGS?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by buggrit, Sep 7, 2008.

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  1. Bosses, I was wondering if you could possibly think about adding a sub forum, or even a forum for the MPGS? Why you may ask?

    Well, we are now beginning to be one of the bigger services in the army with around 3 to 4k members so far and getting bigger.

    We are forever getting requests for info on how to go about joining the MPGS, and with the amount of people that visit Arrse, that info would be freely available. (We have a forum on ArmyNet but for certain reasons, most lads dont like using it.)

    It would be a good place for the MPGS lads that use Arrse (and there are quite a few of us) to congregate.

    I know we come under AGC, but in a way we dont really have much to do with them.

    Our little corner of Arrse would be much appreciated.

  2. Getting lonely at St M?
  3. Slow day mate. Suns shining and I'd rather be surfing =|
  4. I have a room for the MPGS.....the guard room, stag on
  5. I am stagging on mate....Its what we do....Oh, but we also get just over 6 months off a year, no tours and I have a pretty chilled out, whats your point? :wink:
  6. I'm sure the COs would be sympathetic to your request for a little corner all of your own, buggrit, but what would you fill it with?

    Pics of gates you've come to know so well, tales of standing about, 'barrier hup, 2, 3, 4, 5, annnnd down'?

    Can't wait.
  7. The MPGS forum was a busy place on Armynet until a new way was introduced that Ive never seen on any forum before. Now its died off there, so I think a spot for the MPGS here would be well used...

    ......and yes we could show our gates off :dance:
  8. Yes, I'm sure it would. :twisted:
  9. buggrit, you said:

    I know we [MPGS] come under AGC, but in a way we don't really have much to do with them.

    Everybody else who comes under the AGC doesn't really have much to do with them. So if MPGS is to have its forum, could we also have separate forums for SPS, ETS, ALS, MPS, and two for the RMP (one for GPD and one for the SIB)?

    Maybe a simpler solution would be to change the title of the existing forum to AGC (SPS, RMP, ETS, ALS, MPS, and MPGS) and let the SASC and APTC have their own. Any thoughts?
  10. I can see your point TK but each of those you pointed out are separate entities that have their own chain of command therefore their own little kingdoms so to speak.
    The MPGS is one unit. We have one OC, one RSM, one training team and one recruiting team, and anything up to 4000 blokes on the ground. We are the biggest single unit thats commanded by one HQ in the armed forces and these numbers are going up monthly. We more than outnumber the APTC and SASC put together I think.

    Its just an idea Im throwing up to GCO and BCO, they can say yea or nae. Its an idea but I wouldnt want you other AGC wallahs getting jealous.

    Disclaimer: I may be a bit out on the MPGS numbers but Im sure I'll be corrected if Im wrong.
  11. I've got a great suggestion as to who could be moderator too, after all he does a great job on Armynet!
  12. 8O Best not be who Im thinking your thinking!!!
  13. Don't know about the numbers but, yes, you're definitely the biggest branch in the corps. There was no jealousy in my comment, just an idea.

    How many teams are you putting in for Triple Crown?
  14. No idea mate. The problem there is freeing up people to get them away for it.
  15. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    In principle, we've got nothing against it but would just like to be convinced that the demand is there. Point me at a number of active MPGS threads (say 5) and I'll agree that you need a board .....