Room and Locker Inspections

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by phil37, Oct 24, 2009.

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  1. deleted ... pissed
  2. Were the lockers of the absent personnel unlocked? Even so if this was in your own room (the one you pay rent for) unless they have the COs permission to search it is not a legal search!

    Ensure that the people that were away check their lockers and kit to see that nothing has been stolen or removed without their permission!

    This could lead the SQMS and whoever the Rupert was open to all sorts of accusations by the people that were not there.

    Sound like strokers anyway. Its 2009 not 1809 where do they get off with this type of sh*t anyway.
  3. Stop fuc king moaning you bunch of barrack room lawyers. The fact that beer was found in a dry area makes it a legal search in my book. Take 5!
  4. Just report to the RMP's that your locker has been broken into and tell them that your PS3/Laptop have been pinched.............then sit back and watch the SQMS squirm.
  5. You have DRY areas in Germany? Whatever is the world coming to!!!!!!
  6. It's enough to drive you to drink.
  7. I know its shocking isn't it. As for watching the SQMS squirm, you would be advised to take a long term view of the matter. A three year posting can be a very long time in any unit. Especialy one where you have pissed off the SQMS.
  8. Thats the kind of bullsh#t attitude that lets these people get away with this sort of thing.

    Too many people nowadays are scared to rock the boat, how about just once sticking up for your blokes.

    It's not too much to ask surely?
  9. Go for it Tiger :lol:
  10. You just have to find people of the right Kaliber.

    And stop calling me Shirley.
  11. Any SQMS worth his salt will have had a witness present to prevent lying whining tossers making these false claims.
  12. What's he going to do, refuse to give you any bluroll or flanelette?
  13. It's great seeing threads like this every once in a while, because they remind me about some of the reasons behind why I left.