Roof box murderer gets life.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bovvy, May 15, 2008.

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  1. Yeah .... I know it's not Military (and it doesn't seem to be done already). Relationships fascinate me, though, as an observer. (I've given up on them myself, 'cos I'm rubbish.)

    A summary:

    French bloke meets younger, Russian-born woman, from wealthy French family, through lonely hearts.
    They marry, have a kid and move to Brighton.
    Bloke has an affair with Ukrainian bird he met on t'internet.
    Wife finds out.
    He asks wife if they can have menage a trois, saying skinny Ukrainian won't cost much to feed.
    Wife tells him she's pregnant.
    Bloke takes a mallet to her head, bludgeoning her to death.
    Bloke purchases car roof storage box in which to hide the body in the garden.
    Kid uses roof box containing her mother's rotting corpse as a slide.
    Bloke sentenced to life.

    Husband 'made mistress request'.

    Daily Mail article

    From the local rag.

    Murderer sentenced

    There are some "gems" ........ like this:

  2. Now, where is The-Lord-Flasheart with his customary question?..
  3. He just needed to take the roof box to the local tip and dump it! Not that i've thought about it....

  4. think he's I'll ask...was she fit or gopping?

    there do we all feel better....seriously tho' what did she look like....preferably before the liquefaction set in? 8O
  5. No even better, nice warm summer, black plastic box! human soup fairly quickly, pour it on the roses and grind up the skeletal a good 'un :D
  6. Would have made more sense than this:

  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The wife wasnt that bad looking so he definetly was stoopid! Now a half frog/russkie kiddy is stuck in Brighton on Social, that'll be gay foster parents then!