Ronny Statue Unveiled- As USA Celebrates Independence Day

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by loggielad, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. A statue of former US President Ronald Reagan has been unveiled at a ceremony outside the American embassy in central London.
    The unveiling on July 4, US Independence Day, marked 100 years since his birth.
    Baroness Thatcher, Reagan's soul-mate in power, was invited but was unable to attend. However, 2,000 other paying guests did and listened to remarks by British Foreign Secretary William Hague, former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and the current ambassador, Louis Susman.
    The creation of the statue - total cost $1m - did not grow out of a public clamour for a fitting memorial to the late president (though Westminster City Council made an exception to its usual rule refusing permission for statues until 10 years have passed since the subject's death).
    The event is part of a year-long series of big occasions to mark the centenary of Reagan's birth, organised by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation. In the weeks prior to the London unveiling, statues have been unveiled and conferences convened in Krakow, Budapest and Prague.

    He took office in early 80s America at a time of decline, when he was 70 years of age when most folks his age were putting their feet up. His critics said he got the USA further into debt by being over zealous with military spending , whilst making many other people poorer. But I always liked him, he had the balls to say what other didn't. Tear down that wall Mr Gorbechov, he shouted as he gave a speech in 1987 in Berlin. He loved our Maggie, who had a very close friendship and supported the UK when we were in the Falklands..though no US troops took part. He also never sent his troops to war whislt he was in Office, though air strikes were made by the US military on several operations.He justified military spending to make the US feel safe that it could defend itself from the Russians when the Cold war was alive. He also believed in human kind and fairness for all.However, Grandad Ronny was also controversial, I remember US troops in Grenada, which caused outrage, even from our own leader Maggie. He also hated workers Unions, if you remember the air traffic controllers who were given 48 hrs to go back to work.
    Wheter people agreed with his policies or not at the time, many look back at him with respect for being a more 'human' leader who seemed to get away with some of his faux pais...
    So is it right that 'Ronny' should get a statue in our capital?..Was Ronald Reagan a sweet grandfather figure, or a disasterous washed up actor?
  2. Just so you understand the Air Traffic controllers union (PATCO) were forbidden by Federal Law from Striking and did so anyway. Reagan gave them a chance to go back to work and arbitration.

    They refused and paid for it with their Jobs. 1,300 went back to work, 13,000 didnt. Reagan was following the Taft-Hartley act of 1947

    Our Firemen and Police are generally forbidden from Striking
  3. Maybe its just me, but Id rather see Ronnie on a walk around London than a pregnant thalidomide.

    My brother in law introduced me to it shortly after it went on show, I was gobsmacked, who TF wants to see that, what does it represent???

    My brother in law calmly said, I agree with what you say, but it does make a statement.

    Blokes will **** anything.
  4. What The ****! someones pretty sick in the head
  5. If they had to put up a statue to an American President in London surely it should have been modelled on this photo, including some of the men Ike was speaking to:

  6. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    RR smashed the Soviet Union back into its box bt frying it in technology - emboldened by Maggie's hand up the back of his jacket. The whole world (and certainly the then enslaved people of eastern Europe) - should be grateful for that.

    Plus he let us buy up-to-date Sidewinders and Shrikes in '82. Don't underestimate how crucial the Sidewinders were.
  7. One measure of the man might be to compare leadership during the Reagan/Thatcher years with that of their immediate successor Bush Sr./Major.

    I would call no contest.

  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    ...the question is who...
  9. Did he? Was that like Obama capturing/killing Osama? I don't remember much smashing going on....just a lot of speeches.

    Oh, he let us buy sidewinders.....woo......should I be grateful Tescos lets me buy food from them?
  10. Does Tesco destroy enemy fighters?
  11. Nope, but did I mention buying Tesco? I mentioned buying from Tesco....buying food that keeps people alive. Tesco makes a profit.

    I don't recall Reagan destroying fighters.....unless you take into account his on screen antics. It is said, Reagan "allowed" us to buy sidewinders......oh...and a profit was made...funny that.

    Tesco sells food
    Reagan sells missiles......both make a profit.
  12. Ronnie Reagan made it because Margaret Thatcher gave him a pair of her Marks and Spencer double gussetted knickers to give him the balls to take on the Soviets. Obama could do with a pair of her knickers so that he can bring in an austerity programme to start to reduce the US's huge debt. Income tax for the rich at 80 percent. Each State bring in a 25 percent sales tax. Halve the military and halve the civil service. Remember you only have until the 2nd August to do it otherwise the Chinese will start selling all the dollars they have and render the USA totally bust. Good luck.
  13. Well, when you put it like that.. Still, we could have been a lot worse off if he didn't allow the sales, surely?