Ronnie Biggs released from prison to die.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Biped, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Ronnie Biggs, naughty train robber (one of 7) who nicked a whole stack of wedge all those years ago has been released fom prison on compassionate grounds and is not expected to live for long.

    The bloke is not a saint by any stretch, but to hear some people speak of him, you'd think he was a terrorist or a drug dealer.

    I consider that he's done his time, albeit a lot of that was in the manner of an exile, subject to arrest in a large number of places should he ever visit, and let's face it, he voluntarily came back to blighty to serve time.

    Is it wrong for me to feel a tinge of pity for the bloke, despite the robbery and his part in it all those years ago? The reason why I do, is that he's being villified even now for being a terrible b@stard, while society has moved on to such a degree that there's much, much worse people out there - many of whom have been released despite blowing up towns and innocent civilians with bombs.

  2. Looks like they are going to release the lockerbie bomber on compassionate grounds- **** him i say.

    As far as im concerned, Biggs has little time left and theres little point keeping him inside.

    I dont think he gets villified though- hes seen as a bit of a working class hero is he not?
  3. Nope, I'm pretty liberal, but I don’t have any sympathy for him, he should have stayed inside.
  4. The fact that society doesn't percieve his crime as serious as a terrorist crime is irrelevant; the fact is he did the crime and as such should do the time. If this precedent were to be followed, what next? Ian Brady out for good behaviour?

    I'm sorry, but I feel that Biggs only returned to the UK to avail himself of our NHS. He should die in prison. (However, he obviously won't because our gubmint have set him free.)
  5. He treated this country with contempt, only coming back so it could pay his medical bills, and should have died in prison. Why so many people hero-worship him is beyond me; often the same people who if a thread came up tomorrow about a violent thief crippling a man would be shouting for life or the death penalty.

    Biggs has spent decades on the beach. Jack Mills never returned to work and never got over the attack. Biggs should rot in prison; he is no popular hero and there is nothing great about his nasty little robbery.
  6. A worthless piece of sh1t with no redeeming qualities. I sincerely hope he drops dead five minutes after he has been released. :evil:
  7. No he hasn't. He ran away to live it up on foreign beaches using his ill gotten gains, whilst sticking two fingers up to the UK.

    No he didn't. He came here to avail himself of the NHS he never contributed to.


    During the robbery, an innocent civilian was twatted over the head with an iron bar. His injuries meant he never worked again and later died.

    I hope the cunt slowly starves to death.
  8. I agree with his relase only in so far as if he is terminally ill he is not a risk to the public but does cause serious management issues for HMP. Should he recover I would want him returned to finish his sentence. If he hadn't gone over the wall he would have finished years ago and may even have gone on to have a useful and productive life (such as john Mcvicar) , I certainly don't believe he should be given remission at the 1/3 point as was suggested a few months ago.

    I heard the mailbag he was sewing the night before he escaped was kept awaiting his return. I certainly hope he got the oppotunity to finish it.

  9. What a sh1te wah!

    The additional consolation in his overdue death will be that his worthless turd of a son will go back to Brasil.
  10. At the end of the day there are far more worse people that have been released from Prison.
    He's dying, probably be dead in a week, releasing him to die.
    Not a big issue in the wider scheme of things.

  11. When Biggs was 'located' by the press ie. Colin Mackezie, Bill Lovelace and Micheal O'Flaherty they set up a meet in a hotel in Rio.

    Unbeknow'n to Biggs they had already briefed Jack Slipper about it. Whilst the Biggs' scoop was in full flow there was a knock at the door. It was opened and in walked Jack Slipper.

    Biggs, " Fcuk me Jack, what are you doing here"?
  12. This govt cannot seem to do anything properly. "I will not release him because he remains unrepentant"....

    "eeer...I've changed my mind because I've just read the medical report"


    Repeat after me: Criminal Sanctions are not only for direct public protection, but also for the reasons of individual deterrance, general deterrance and vengeance.
  13. Who cares?
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well! That told me then! :D

    Fair point - didn't realise he'd come back only because the NHS is free - cnut!

    Would we feel less hostile if him and his mates handn't tw@tted the train chap?

    I mean, is there any glory at all in robbing 10 lifetime's worth of wealth? It's just that, well, I've got an idea . . . . . :D
  15. They tried running a sweetener by ringing the squad and telling them about £40,000 they placed in a telephone box.

    The squad turned up, collected the money and duly deposited it in the property office as evidence. :wink: