Ronnie Barkers Son Arrested

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dixie-basher, Jul 24, 2012.

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  1. What a mess - it must have broken his poor father's heart. He was a bloody good egg, ran a little Antique Shop down our way for a bit before he popped his cloggs. Most un-showbiz and unassuming.

    The boy - no defence. Cut his balls off.
  2. The Media are just cunts. Ronnie Barker, once a comic genius is now recalled because of the perversions of his no-mark son.

    Out of decency to one of their ex-employees, I would have thought that the BBC would have ignored this story. It's nothing remarkable. Just a nother nonce and a PC.
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  3. Agree it's a shame he's brought into it.
    Didn't his son do a runner after his arrest in 2003 and disappear off the radar (possibly believed dead)? Which perhaps makes it of more interest than the "nonce PC" story.
  4. Hi Mothman.

    There's a call for you from a bloke called Sebastian, will you take it here or on the other thread?
  5. He does look the part though doesn't he.

    It's called "business." Papers aren't there to spread the word, or to inform the public. They're there to make money.

    Putting his old mans name in the paper sells. It's the only reason I read the story, so it's already worked.
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  6. So what's the BBC's excuse?
  7. Ok, I'll make this simple for the slow kids at the back of the class.

    It's called "ratings"

    Are all you cunts that naive?
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  8. He'll get the "Four Candle" treatment in prison.
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  9. Just watching an old Porridge on GOLD. The one with the prison boxing championships. Class.

    Ronnie Barker's nonce son needs to be on greenhouse duty with John Mongrel, Fleece Johnson and Tossed Salad Man.
  10. Just pointing out that everyone gets on the back of the print media whilst the sainted Beeb is often just as bad. Worse in fact because they're hypocrits too, reporting the same tabloid shite as the dreggiest redtop but distancing themselves from it by the simple expedient of presenting it as, 'the Daily Mail (or whoever) says...'

    Yes you're right, ratings do matter, even though you'd think they shouldn't be the primary driver in the content of a public service broadcaster, and it's a shame if that unique status isn't sometimes capitalized upon to take the moral lead. Yeah, I know. Naivety.
  11. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Always appreciated the TV point of view where they would broadcast whatever wrong and salacious shit was being put around. They were just reporting what was in the media as if the other media were lesser beings. Never failed to amaze me.
  12. Well it's goodbye from him.
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  14. I totally agree with both of you. I did feel rather sorry for Dad but, hey?, it's show-bizz, innit?