Ronnie Anderson QGM

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Whiskybreath, Jan 27, 2004.

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  1. Ronnie died last week. He had bowel cancer, I'm told. I wasn't able to get to his funeral. Ronnie was one of the shapers of the way things were done in NI in recent years. He was a former Policeman, and he knew what was needed in that place to obtain a fair democracy for everyone there. Make no mistake; Ronnie was a fair man. He was also a brave and intelligent man. Many, and the privileged of us, knew him as a good friend, and we're sure that the people of the Corps will recognise all this.

    Cheers, Ronnie.

    Royal Flush to you. Paul.
  2. Ronnie was a good guy. I seem to recall that he got notified that he was getting a bar to his QGM on the same day he was told that his 'services were no longer required'. About average for Int Corps personnel management. :(
  3. Yeah Ronnie was fine, many the happy hour I spent working and drinking with him, but towards the end the only contact I seem to have was drunken phone calls at 0100hrs, reminding me of the great times we had in NI !!
    The demon drink had taken it's toll, unfortunately.