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Firstly i'd like to say hello to everyone and congratulate you on what a superb forum you guys have going here. I've been browsing for the past couple of days and have found some really interesting information, views and opinions on a variety of issues.....keep it up!

I'm very interested in getting myself on the Ronin CP course later on in the year and wandered if anyone had any information they could share with me.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

1. Make sure you're fit.
2. Be ready for a slap.
3. Enjoy the paramedic experience in the slums!

Very good course, but just be sure which qualification/licence you are after and whether it's valid where you intend to work (not currently recognised in NI).

Is this for resettlement? Which company/agent are you looking at booking the course through?
go straight through Ronin.
I will PM you with details when I get to my office tomorrow.
There are a large number of 'brothers' who operate out of NI (if thats where you are from)
Pretty expensive but worth it, especially if you are doing it on your resettlement.
Thanks for the comments so far.

I'd ideally like to work out in Iraq or Afghanistan so I guess i'd be looking at a High Risk Operator course? Does this sound correct?
there are a fair few companies on the market, if you are signed up for ELC then all the better.
If you get yourself a copy of the Quest magazine (you can get it from your AEC) there are several pages of companies advertised.
I know 2 people who have done the course, both loved it and said it was of the highest quality and both found work quickly after finishing it.
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