Its one of the cheapest courses on the market for what it is, 2 weeks, around 1500.

Glock and Czech CZ 75 pistols, CZ 58 7.62 long. They run weapon handleing and a range. However it mainly focus'es on All the PSD drills: walking and vehcile contact drills and man/vehcile down drills on a live range

Same sort of thing elsewhere tends to me more expensive. However 'CTR Services' are running a simlar firearms course in the US with a larger variety of weapons of the same length for a similar price.

Generally considered good to have on your CV as it shows you havent just left the mob with your inf skills and rocked up to do PSD. This kind of thing is becoming expected as it shows you have been given some proper and specific training for work in PSD/CP.
Ronin are a pretty good group to train with.

If you dont want to go overseas for your training then are an extremely good bunch with reasonable prices for a PSD course. They also run additional firearms/CP training in South Africa if you want to gain more experience.

A good bet would be to do a CP course and gain your SIA license, as the PSD world is getting a bit over subscribed at the moment!
Just a word of advice. Do not do any PSD/CP course that does not give you the qualifications required for your SIA license. If so, you will find yourself having to shed out your own hard earned cash in the future and not your resettlement entitlement.

Although most companies recruiting for hostile environment work do not require an SIA license at the minute, they are slowly moving in that direction.

cp messageboard register on this forum and read until your eyes bleed :D

Mr Happy

On a similar vein but not for the same reasons can anyone recommend some driving courses:

I like driving, I've my bike, LGV and car obviously (ooh, and FLRT, CALM, DROPS etc) and have now left the big green machine however I would like to learn a bit more about reading the road, controlling a vehicle in a skid and anything else that might be useful on the autobahn, swiss mountain roads or when being chased around a sink estate by the rozzers.

I do not need to know how to fire a Sig through the windscreen but I would like to know more than the theory of the bootlegger reverse and left footed breaking etc. Similarly, as this is purely for personal day to day use I don't need to do the whole route planning / recce bit.

Any where any time at any reasonable price.

Mr Happy

bought the DVD, certainly looks like they've got the lot, will review the DVD and advise quality etc later.

Mr H
Reference to the above comments on SIA. The firearms course run by Ronin Concepts is a 2 week additional qualification. Although that company does run an SIA approved CP course as well.

I believe the concept these days is do your 4 week SIA CP course which loads of training providers run, that is pretty much a basic standard for operators now.

And then you can chose to do additional qualifications which are not under any SIA system or registration procedure. These are just considered specialties to make you more employable. A 2 week PSD course for example will give you the hostile enviroment PSD and firearms skills that you would not get on a UK SIA 4 week basic CP course. Companies are offering loads of these extra specialty courses on top of the basic CP course.

Ive seen 1 week firearms, surviellance, 2 week PSD in various countries, driving courses, advanced CP medic courses. Look at some of the American training providers and you can do all sorts of werid and wonderful shit to bulk up your CV.
Bloke i know is handing his notice in to take up a role with these, he informs me that it is a 4 week course which involves 2 weeks here and 2 weeks in some eastie beastie country doing range work and general skills.

Will keep you updated as and when if interested?

Mr Happy

Mr Happy said:
bought the DVD, certainly looks like they've got the lot, will review the DVD and advise quality etc later.

Mr H
GBP 22.25 this cost me and I feel robbed.

To start with, it is three different commentators driving through the UK demonstrating the commentary required for the advanced driving test.

Firstly there was no real introduction, a few seconds of words but that was about it, no advice as to what the trainer/examiner is looking for, what to concentrate on by priority, dos and don't etc. It just kicked off.

Secondly, and most annoyingly however, I disagreed with a couple of their statements and/or manouvers and noticed about an even half dozen that I believe are driving offences! Which, to be honest, are something that the average road user would do after a mile or two but which I also imagine would add up to at least 12 points for the presenter, cheerfully losing him his licence.

To list them for your interest:

'taking the straight line in a roundabout'
'exiting the roundabout without indicating'
turning left at a t junction without indicating
merging onto a motorway without indicating.
moving from the fast to 2nd lane on a motorway without indicating

i know they're not exciting mistakes, but you can hardly expect a driver training video to feature the instructor putting his motor sideways through a bus shelter but you might also reasonably expect that he complete his advanced drive up to the basic driving test standards in the UK...

Now it might be, that there is a good and legal principle because he mentions he isn't going to indicate in a couple of the above examples, and a second presenter also says something like "nobody will benefit from my indicating so I won't" which is clearly 'something', i just don't know what....

Anyway, in the absence of knowing why not indicating is legal for advanced drivers (or taking the racing line on round-a-bouts) I was fairly unimpressed with the video, quality was good but in the end of the day it was three blokes driving around commentating without actually giving any explanation. As I learnt in the green machine E.D.I.P.'s and this is only the D.

Which is a pity, but mostly because it cost me 22.25.


Mr H

AMMENDMENT TO THE ABOVE, looks like some of the 'offences' are perfectly OK by UK Law, as much as I disapprove of the activity. My bad. See here for more
Very interesting discussion.

Thanks for all your advice (even if it wasn't aimed directly for me).

Good luck with your own efforts.



morky said:
Very interesting discussion.

Thanks for all your advice (even if it wasn't aimed directly for me).

Good luck with your own efforts.

Beat it, criminal.
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