Slave? Tortured artist? Overpaid kev-baller more like!
REgards said:
Modern footballers = slaves my ARRSE!!

Having said that, I would happily be a slave for £100,000 per week
To be honest (in response to ConvoyCock's earlier thread) I'd probably suck a tramp's co-ck for £100,000 per week :oops:

Although that's just the once, not every week of course.
tax tw*t,
Just for a matter of interest, if a player is earning 5 million a year, how much tax would he pay?
Depends how much he pays his accountant :wink:
Semi-seriously, assuming more than ~9 months' residency in a year, a little bit of "tax management" but basically PAYE:
>£1,800,000 per year (rough guesstimate, not going to check! Very quick way to see my own P45) 8O
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