Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Kromeriz, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. Dear all

    Do your worst, I just dislike the cnut but was it not poetic justice that Ronaldo missed THE goal.

    The cnut should have an Emmy for the way he plays football

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  2. Be careful Krom, I`m sure that you are aware that cuntism is frowned upon here.
  3. Depends whether you are 'in' or not, if you are it is almost compulsory , if not, you are indeed a c*nt ^~
  4. Flights £300
    Seats. £200
    Look on the pricks face at the end, priceless!
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  5. Loved it!
  6. Are we talking about wog ball again?
  7. Since when do wogs play the beautiful game?
  8. Because wogs are better actors.
  9. I dislike him but you cant deny he's a talented if selfish player.

    His bollocks shrank last night and the team paid the price. How the fuck does the captain of the team and most prolific goal scorer not take the first penalty?
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  10. Apparently HE was due to score the last penalty, win the match and go on to further glory. Unfortunately...................
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  11. Granted, I was half asleep when I watched the penalties, but did Ronaldo not actually get to take one?
  12. Think on this then,Ronaldo,for all his faults ran for the whole match,including ET,and played some decent football!

    What do we have................................Wayne fucking Rooney,I know who I'd rather have playing up front for a National Team,and he don't come from Liverpool! ;-)
  13. Ronaldo...??????

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  14. As I said before, Ronaldo is a quality player but as captain and first choice for penalties and free kicks he should have led the way. If he had taken the first one I bet he'd have buried it and Spain would have been on the backfoot from the start. Where was the manager during all this?

    Totally agree on Rooney. He played like he had wellies on.
  15. And he's a Gayer.