Ronaldo ,What a Cnut

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by CptDanjou, Jul 24, 2013.

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  1. I have no time for football but this story made my piss boil , Multi millionaire footballer Ronaldo breaks a young lads arm with a stray shot , the club then has the audacity to send him a shirt signed by some no mark and the match ball , if you bumped into that t*at in the high street and stubbed his little toe he`d sue you for the shirt off your back ,the lad should get a six figure sum at least, its to be hoped that some hot shot lawyer picks it up for the lad.

    "Real Madrid sent a signed shirt to Charlie via Bournemouth legend Steve Fletcher, to cheer him up."

    "He also got a ball signed by the Bournemouth team." - Ronaldo Shot Breaks Child's Wrist
  2. Obviously the FA should introduce soft foam balls to protect the chillun.
  3. so fking what? if your piss boils at that then its just as well you must shielded from life in general, otherwise your heart would have exploded at injustices in the world
  4. Your interpretation of Ronaldo is correct although not for the right reasons.

    It could have been anyone the only way to stop football fans being struck by wayward balls is to erect high fences around all the pitches. Looking at the Trajectory of this ball these fences would need to be at least 1.5 times goal post height.

    Just one of those things the lad doesn't seem to bothered and will no doubt relish telling his mates that it was he who caught the ball on his wrist.

    Ronaldo and the rest of the RM team will be on a tight schedule with pre season training ect. If they had time to organise a personal visit I suspect they would have. They did send him a signed shirt which is a worthwhile souvenir for a football mad young lad his age. His own team (Bournemouth) signed the match ball for him.

    Ronaldo is a pussy and falls over in a strong breeze feigning agony but he is not really at fault here. If you are of the opinion monetary compo should be in the offing then it would be the owners of Bournemouth FC in the frame under a failure of a duty of care provision to their fans.
  5. Boy goes to football game, sits in front row behind a goal, surprisingly gets hit by a shot that missed the goal, gets massive pay out, stadiums move front row seats miles away to avoid more payout, CptDanjou makes new thread about heatlh and safety gone mad since it's now to dangerous to sit close to football pitch.

    This video was made for you CaptDanjou, you could learn from it.

    Ronnie Johns - Chopper - Harden the Fuck Up - YouTube
  6. Current affairs?
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  7. :)

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  8. Proves that the spectators are harder than the girls that play the game.
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  9. CptDanjou - I think you've accidentally posted this on Arrse as oppsed to Mumsnet where I'm sure you'll be swaddled in daisies by nymphs shitting rainbows.
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  10. Remember that batch of faulty "Giveafeckometers" we had a few weeks ago? I think I got one.
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  11. My point is Ronaldo would sue for the slightest thing and the shirt and ball was an insult to injury ,dont forget we are talking about an 11 year old kid so he could not be expected to asses risks,Hopefully the break will heal 100% but if not he could be restricted for life , I reckon there will be compo paid out in time.
  12. obviously like your brain is, all he got was broken wrist ffs
  13. What could possibly go wrong with that?
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  14. Bloody hell he broke his arm, not had it surgically removed. Shit I have more metal to repair broken bones than I care to think about and I still mange to function in society.

    Accidents happen, life is a risk and it is about time people started to accept the fact instead of finding blame in every bloody thing.
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  15. "a six figure sum"? you've got to be on the wind up.

    i did see a bloke get hit in the puss whilst in the act of drinking a cup of tea at a ross county game a few years ago, now that was funny.
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