Ronaldo gets on the wrong bus


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Gives whole new meaning to the time honoured scream "YOU DIVING FAIRY".

Having dropped off his girlfriend at her house in Rio de Janeiro on Monday night, the 2002 World Cup winner picked up three prostitutes.

When they all booked into a motel, the AC Milan striker discovered that the prostitutes were in fact men
Imagine the prostitutes' surprise when they discovered those weren't actually comedy dentures...
Fecking hilarious :muhaha:

check out the photo of one of the himshees :omg:

Even in a drug fuelled haze you could tell that was packing meat and two veg! 8O

full story here

Best thing is he cant say he was on drugs , as this will get him in the dodo with his bosses so he has to take it on the chin :plotting: it were. :omg:
Is he going to plead that he misjudged the gender of all 3 of them.

Some coincidence.
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