Ronald Reagan to be honoured with a London statue

Discussion in 'US' started by armchair_jihad, May 22, 2009.

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    Damn fine! :salut:
  2. A nice gesture and I totally agree with the idea of recognizing his contribution to ending the Cold War. I voted for him in 1980 and 1984 and would have voted for him in 1988 if we hadn't put a stop to politicians running for the presidency more than 2 times. :1: :salut: :salut:
  3. what a joke. could not act, failed to lead!
  4. The odd bomb dropped perhaps, but maybe not a shot fired.
  5. Quite right too, he deserves a statue. I thought he was a good president (he even tried to start WWIII (this time it's even more personal! :p ) or was that a slip of the tongue? :D

    But he was strong and didn't take any crap from anyone (except perhaps Maggie Thatcher! :twisted: )

    I wonder if he'll be dressed as a cowboy. :wink:
  6. I hope yon statue looks like Jimmy Carter, instead of that fückin' waster Reagen.

  7. bit of an upturn - I take it Westminster council's tory?
  8. Jimmy Carter :roll: , now there was a Useless scumbag. Still kind of surprised that a statue of any U.S. President would be erected in the UK.

    Other than Winston Churchill, I cant think of any statues of post revolutionary war British leaders in the USA.
  9. Westminster City Council ay? Anything remotely involving Westminster right now raises my suspicions. No to this statue.
  10. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah,good idea.

    The end of the Cold War has done everybody a power of good hasn't it?
  11. "Nancy and I have forgotten where we've put my head"
  12. My views on the issue will largely depend on where it's located. Outside a bunch of pubs where it can get pissed and puked on by drunks and Harry Ramps would do nicely.

    Hopefully it will be of just the right size that a traffic cone or other appropriate headgear can be placed on it.
  13. Well we have already got a statue of a South African terrorist so why not?
  14. Have we run out of worthy people from our own country? Couldn't we have Clement Attlee, David Lloyd George, Harold Wilson, Harold Macmillan - or even one of the crap Prime Ministers, as long as they were ours? Is it really our business to put up statues of South Africans and Americans, especially Americans like Reagan who are still enormously controversal in their own country?
  15. You think they were good do you? :evil:

    Good on Westminster - as stated previously we have a South African so why not an American?