Ronald Reagan Dies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Archimedes, Jun 5, 2004.

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  1. Er... well, the title says it all, really.

    Died aged 93 after suffering from Alzheimer's Disease for the last ten years.

    I assume that will go into official mourning for a couple of weeks at the news?
  2. Bring back spitting image........ he was by far the best charachter :D
  3. Sad day.
  4. Absolutely!! I will always remember the tortoise - the President's brain is missing. :lol:
  5. HM The Queen says she is saddened

    Baroness Trout says she is deeply upset

    Michael Howard has added his condolences.

    We are still waiting for the statement from Downing St.

    Either because

    A. It's bad form for the Poodle to speak before it's master or

    B. It's kind of hard to sound like you mean it, when we remember what you did during the Reagan Years Bluppet.

    Now how , pray tell is the Beloved Bounder and his serenade of sychophants (heh!) going to lay his fulsome condolences out to the Press, without the rest of us screaming "You bloody hypocrite"

    Oh sorry, we already did that 8O
  6. Sad day indeed and he had more charisma then Maggie :D
  7. ctauch you cock gobbler. Thats like saying G W Bush has less fleas than Guy the Gorilla.

    When will you lot understand that a person that is popular due to newspaper coverage and image is not always the ideal person to lead a nation?

    Although I must admit, he wasnt a bad leader for the time. As the Edsel wanst a bad car for the time. I was very suprised we didnt see lots of small bomb/big clouds, bucket of man made sunshine in his era.

    So when are you hicks going to vote Arnie into office? At least our celebrities who feel the need to become celebs get no further than Seb Coe and David 'Im God and all lizards are devils' Ike and are laughed at. If we took your stance on voting in celebs, we would have Jade from big brother as prime minister and Benny Hill as Minister for running around quickly whilst chasing around scantily clad wenches.

    We just expose our ego driven misfits in the tabloids, you fcukers vote them into office! American dream? More like an inbred septic nightmare that the rest of the world has to cringe at. That sir, you cannot deny.

    Just remind us of the democratic way in which the shaved primate got voted in to office again? At least Khrushchev had a legal and constitutional political campaign. And he was a 'safer pair of hands' with the reigns of power!

  8. Though he did not have the big hair.

    When I think of Ronald I remember the program he used to host that had 20 Mule Team Borax as one of the sponsors.


  9. How on earth a second rate actor got into the most powerful armchair in the world is beyond me. But because he did we had the amusing Spitting image puppet, so for that I am graful.

    Do you reckon he and Maggie used to bump uglies, I don't think Dennis was upto it

    i bet the septics would vote Billy Cystal or Larry hagman into office given half a chance :D
  10. Difficult to differentiate between the Real Reagan and his Spitting Image puppet. Both had their strings pulled for them.

    One thing that is proved by Reagan’s rise to sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office is the Yanks' gullibility.

    Vote Pee Wee in 2009 ???
  11. More charisma than Maggie? He couldn't even remember his name half the time. And what's difference today? Well Bush knows his own name, but not many others. :roll:
  12. only cos its the same as his dads.
  13. Fantastique, from wrote
    I'm going to spew
  14. I liked Ronnie, I don't think for one moment he ever pretended to know what was going on.