Ronald Malcolm Lorraine Dunbar

Re-listening to Winston Churchill's "The Second World War" and whilst discussing the period after the fall of tobruk where his leadership was questioned quoted the below from one of the debates;

"The Prime Minister must realise that in this country there is a taunt on everyone's lips that if Rommel had been in the British Army he would still have been a sergeant...There is a man in the British Army who flung 150,000 men across the Ebro in Spain, Michael Dunbar. He is at present a sergeant...He was Chief of Staff in Spain, he won the Battle of the Ebro, and he is a sergeant."

i found the below after a quick google;


Ronald Malcolm Lorraine Dunbar: born 12/02/1912. Paignton, Derbyshire. OTC at Repton School. (1925-1930) Cambridge graduate. (1930-1933) Occupation: Journalist. Harrogate, London. Left London for Spain 05/01/1937, Arriving in Spain 10/01/1937. 16th Battalion Group leader at Jarama in Feb 1937. Wounded in the arm on 17/02/'37 or 18/02/'37. At OTS, (Officer Training School) PozoRubio on 28/4/1937. When the British Anti Tank Battery was first formed in May 1937, Dunbar was it's first commanding officer. Chief of operations and went on to become Chief of Staff of the 15th Brigade. Promoted to the rank of Major on 17/10/1938.

and was just wondering if anyone knew anymore about his service during WW2

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