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Army Misses Its June Goal for New Recruits
The New York Times
July 10, 2007

WASHINGTON, July 9 — The Army missed its recruiting goals in June for the second straight month, as rising casualties in Iraq and a strong economy at home kept the service from enlisting enough new soldiers, Pentagon officials said.

The Army fell more than 1,000 active duty recruits short of its June goal of 8,400, said a Pentagon official who spoke on condition of anonymity because the figures had not yet been formally released.

Lt. Col. Dan Baggio, an Army spokesman, declined to confirm the numbers, which are due to be made public on Tuesday, but he acknowledged that there had been a shortfall.

“We’re not in a doomsday situation,” Colonel Baggio said. “When we don’t make the goal, that is something of a concern, but we are not panicking.”
. . . .

The recruiting demands on the Army have increased this year, as the service has embarked on a five-year effort to increase its active-duty strength to 547,000, from the currently authorized level of 514,000. The plan was announced by the Pentagon in January as a way to ease the strain on the Army in coming years of conducting continual deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Colonel Baggio said that — aside from those conflicts — recruiting had been hurt by the fact that 7 in 10 potential recruits in their late teens and early 20s do not meet Army standards, largely because they are too heavy or failed to graduate from high school.

Recruiting may also have been harmed by the fact that soldiers are now required to serve 15-month tours in Iraq or Afghanistan, an increase from the previous requirement of 12 months. The longer tours were imposed to sustain a Bush administration decision earlier this year to send an additional 30,000 troops to Iraq.


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Ah, The Prodigy had to change the name of one of their albums because septics are rather 'sensitive' about their mass-to-height ratio.

The album was initially called 'The Land of the Fat', but had to be changed to 'The Fat of the Land'. I would have called it 'The Land of the fat, useless, big-headed, red-necked, mongrel monkies'.
Doubt it LJONESY. After all, statistically, Americans are shorter (and getting shorter) than Europeans - something to do with diet being poorer.

... Short arrse. :D
Yeah and stats can be made to tell all sorts of things.... Prob though I am only 6'0 feck it at least I won't be seen when I sneak around kicking you giants in the balls and shins...
naw, me mum still makes me clothes.... and with that its time to start another day. I shall contine this thread this afternoon.
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