Ron Swanson's nightmare is a reality

...Cows? Just as clearly herbivores....

Theoretically, cows are carnivores, or at least omnivores.
They eat grassy stuff, which eventually find its way into a second (third?) stomach. The "pap" is then attacked by bacteria, which the cow then digests. Are bacteria plants?
Having been to the factory that makes Quorn, and the previous Linda McCartney range, on several occasions, I can tell you that it looks like a turd of grey-brown concrete before processing into stuff that looks like food.

The reason that it's made to look like meat products is that it's virtually unpalatable in the raw form, and doesn't cook very well either.

Sorry to disappoint with facts and stuff, but most people don't want to eat something that looks like a grey turd. Although you may wish to differ.

Oh, and without the added spices, it's almost totally tasteless.
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If god didn't want us to eat animals - why did he make them out of food? Why is meat soooooo tasty? and why does bacon smell so good when it's cooking?

We've all been eating meat since the beginning of time - and will be eating it until we're extinct! Anyone who tells me not to eat meat - will be eaten - and by that, I mean I'm not afraid to turn to cannibalism and eat them if needed!!!
According to Time magazine in 2009 there are 283 million cows in India -- which they won't kill for "religious" reasons. The number is likely to be many more now as there is increased pressure on India's dairy industry to feed their population increase.

What a waste of steak.

Time magazine

South Sudan has more cattle than humans. Still need food flown in, particularly protein because they won't eat them. Bloke I spoke to there reckons they use them to sort out disputes, solve problems, buy wives and so on, basically a form of currency.


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The problem with that it that there's no solid evidence to support the theory that humans are omnivores. It's what most of the world has become used to, true, but there's just as much sparse evidence suggesting that humans are herbivores.
1. Jaws able to move sideways (to grind food). Carnivores' jaws only move up and down.
2. Length of a lion's intestines? Six feet. Length of a human's intestines? 34 feet.

Obviously not conclusive at all, but just as valid as "evidence" as the theory that humans are omnivores.

Do you know what an omnivore is?
I've just discovered that Magnum Honeycomb is not vegan. Something to do with calves rennet or something.

This is why I can never become a celery wielder.
Hey, Dorky_Boy, my contention was that there’s no hard and fast evidence to conclusively prove that humans are omnivores by design. Instead of actually taking up a serious discussion, you immediately started work on your favourite project, which is: “How can I prove Bugsy wrong!” You did that by accusing me of making the facts fit the “vegan way of thinking, then you proceeded to make your own nonsensical facts fit your pet obsession. You really crack me up sometimes, Dorky_Boy, in your infantile desperation.:-D:-D:-D
Anyway, have a butcher’s here:
How humans are not physically created to eat meat
In addition, a carnivore has no appendix. All herbivores have appendixes, as do humans. In fact the appendix of a rabbit (also a herbivore) is about three times larger than a human’s. Crazy, eh?:mrgreen:

A long intestine does not digest meat more efficiently. I thought I'd made that clear. It’s why carnivores only have short intestines.

Well, that’s interesting! Have you told all the horses (also herbivores) that they only have molars?
Or all the cows?
Cows 101: Do Cows Have Teeth? (Video) - Clover Meadows Beef
Or all the sheep?

I think they should be informed, don’t you?:smile::smile::smile:

I suggest correctitude in your assertion that there's no proof that humans are not omnivores by design. I suggest this because of the almost universal acceptance that any notion of design constitutes probable, terminal idiocy.

I further suggest that the evidence of a large portion of humankind actually being omnivorous, is fairly supportive of the notion that we evolved, as a species, to be so.

I remain to be persuaded that we should be omni, carni or herbi.
When Kraft was bought out by Mondelez they changed the recipes of almost everything including Dairylea (in 2012) and then bought Cadburys and made Creme Eggs out of inferior chocolate (2016) in order to increase their profits.

I used to eat loads of Dairylea cheese when I was a kid (they used to make the stuff a stones throw from where I lived, and 5 people out of my class at achool worked there!). These days I would not touch the stuff as the new "natural ingredients" formulation made it more like congealed wallpaper paste than cheese.
South Sudan has more cattle than humans. Still need food flown in, particularly protein because they won't eat them. Bloke I spoke to there reckons they use them to sort out disputes, solve problems, buy wives and so on, basically a form of currency.
Not the kind of currency that fits in your pockets though
Si. Meanwhile they go tits up through lack of protein if the UN doesn't airdrop food. Bonkers...

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