Ron Hills,White stilettos & fat Arses

Do the QM's still issue this kit to pads wives for thier weekly outing to thrash thier kids in the Naafi.

I always thought it helped the wives shout across the aisles to other wives who were over 10 feet away.

You do have a very big point going here!
I mean some of those wifies are f*****g stinking out there, are'nt they?

I tell you one thing - I leave the Army in 3 weeks, and there's no way in this world that i'd ever let myself go like they do!!!!
EEEE I remember......

Dortmund, 5 gunner regiments & wives.  Once when I had overdone it with an all-nighter (Leeds Bar) on the booze I went to Camp 7 for a triple bacon & egg and spent all morning watching these lovely ladies in ron hills & stilleto's.  Usually in tow was husband (Bdr Cordite) sporting football shirt, matching ron hills but he would have his hand down the front of his pants feeling his c**k.  

Then occasionally, some chubby bird with a commanding face, alice band, blue jumper, tartan skirt, up-turned collars & PEARL NECKLACE would stomp past calling for little Henrietta to get into the Volvo 740.

Oh it was entertainment at its best - and free!
And the powers that be say we shouldn`t wear uniform out of camp so we don't stand out as squaddies :D

I wonder if Ron Hill would have gone bust without army wives?
You can also find this link: Infantry/Airborne
I will say no more...........


Difference between an elephant and a wifey?-elephants don't wear ron Hills ;D ;D ;D
Great bit of kit no self-respecting soldier would be caught without a set. Apparently cooler (Image not temperature) if you cut them off to make long shorts.
Had a friend at university who had what seemed like an infinite supply of Ron Hills in every colour under the sun. (This may give the game away to who I am and who he is.) But his favourite pair were a turquoise colour. Really ghastly. Top bloke mind.
Obviously had former military experience and is now a schoolly serving with an inf Bn. Should blend right in there.  

If the schoolly has identified himself get in touch you jack tw*t.
Ok Lycra to a female who is pretending to slim ( Fat a-r-s-e ) Adds that instant slimming effect.
When in reallity she "  or it " looks like a bag of hammers in Lycra ( Ron Hill's Protect your IMAGE "


What's the difference between a walrus and a padswife?

One's big fat ugly and smells of fish........and the other on is a walrus.

also walrusses don't wear Ron Hill's
I really have'nt seen any wives wearing Ron Hills but have seen them dress scruffy! I think Ron Hills are actually quite smart (depending on what you look like wearing them :-[)
Aw come on, the 'stalker' line is old hat now.  Me and MDN have already used that one on you.  Try a bit of putting a zip up the back of yer Ron Hills ;)
Of course, the latest look is Ron Hills, flithy white trainers and those naff issue puffa jackets with green on one side, desert on the other. Prob with a tour t-shirt from Op LODESTAR or somesuch.
chalky663 said:
Ok Lycra to a female who is pretending to slim ( Fat a-r-s-e ) Adds that instant slimming effect.
When in reallity she " or it " looks like a bag of hammers in Lycra ( Ron Hill's Protect your IMAGE "
"Protect your image?"

Sure you didn't mean PROJECT????

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Handy that the Navy wives used to wear black Ron Hills...reduced the chances of a blue on blue so to speak!! In fact I guess it increased the cahnce of a red on navy blue to be accurate. Ah Citadel, ah Plymouth, ah bollocks I'm off to the pub!
Im due to get married to a squaddie and dread the thought of being branded a pads wife due to the reputation of the ron hills thing. When i go to visit him, since the army gave him a house due to having no room inthe mess, I actually make more of an effort with my physical appearance as I am so self conscious that someone might think Im a closet ron hill wearer! STOP TARRING US WITH THE SAME BRUSHES!

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