Ron Hills - vanished breed?

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Bravo_Bravo, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. Spent a Most Joyful week in Otterburn recently and noticed that, apart from 1 RGR, none of the kids wore Ron Hills.

    How are you supposed to spot Army Wives now??
  2. I met Ron at the London Marathon Expo last year and told him he owes his fortune to squaddies and their wives, he couldn't stop laughing when I told him the wifeys used to wear them on the piss.

    The man himself.......

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  3. Seen any soup dragons recently?
  4. After my last pair of pesty Union Jack running shorts "Spontaneously Combusted" whilst drying on the the line I was shocked to find that only a Belgian firm "Campitello Sportswear" could deliver the goods.
    It's political correctness gone mad.
  5. Ron Hill's twin skin socks saved my life
  6. I've got two pairs I wear during the winter when I go out running and I'm pretty sure a good percentage of the other runners I see wearing them are in the forces considering a large number of people around these parts are in military.
  7. That's the worst blacked out photo I've ever seen, I'd easy pick you out in a line up.
  8. You're a rats **** JD, why did you black out Rons grid
  9. Ron Hills are howling, I remember being forced to buy them in basic training, along with one of theose drill tops, and they looked ridiculous on me. Especially as my legs were so skinny, they were actually baggy on me. Bad times.
  10. Do they still do the luminous yellow ones that were around in the 80's?

    Brill stood on parade for Troop PT with your hands stuck down the front of your ron hills cupping your balls, them were the days.
  11. I still have my Tracksters too. I also had skinny legs....

    I can remember one fateful day whilst on "summer camp" at Fort George having to turn out for a run in t-shirt, Ron Hills and a pair of "Combat Highs" because some twat had forgotton to take running shoes with me!

    I looked like a dodgy version of Max Wall !!!
  12. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator


    I had the standard blue with red stripe and then branched out into black with white stripe and even bought the flouro yellow ones! What was I thinking.
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  13. Aldershot PRIs used to sell the maroon versions, complete with regimental badge. Still have a pair, but cannot believe that I used to fit into them....

    These days I look ridiculous in Tracksters, but I do use the heavier version with zip pockets.
  14. The 'buddy buddy' system was never intended to go that far!!!! ; )
  15. I still run in a pair which doesn't look out of place here with the kiwis running in polyproplene leggings and shorts (alright i still haven't got over seeing men wearing tights on the hills!)