Ron Hills. Sizings.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. Too cold to run in shorts so I thought I'd get some of the old standards. I read the sizing chart:
    Tracksters Size Chart
    Sizes------------Small Medium Large Extra Large
    Inside Leg -----27-29" 29-31" 31-33" 33"+
    Waist -----------28-30" 31-33" 34-36" 37"+

    Now I'm 36" waist, 34" leg. Do these tend to be on the tight or the easy side? Short or long? I don't want to buy the large and find they're cutting me in half but then again the X large might be like a pair of zoot suit trousers!


    (I know it's a bit of a crap Question but go on, humour me!)
  2. Might be better asking on Rear Party, as Ron Hills were very popular with the pad's wives. particularly the larger sizes.
  3. Simple. Buy the L and XL and see which pair fits best then send one pair back (return post would be quite cheap) or come to the Shot on a Friday night and flog them to a pad. Failing that MoodyBitch will have them off you!!
  4. Shall we just have this moved to the NAAFI bar now? :D
  5. The problem was the pads wives were of the larger sizes the Ron Hills weren't.
  6. Too true. I often wondered if the manufacturer used the Wives' Club as some sort of test-to-destruction research.
  7. Do they take in to account the correct leg cut for wearing with white stilettos and a pocket for 20 Embassy?
  8. Sizes are:

    S, M, L, XL, XXL, Infantry JNCO's wife.
  9. Pads wives and ron hills always amused me, wtf were they thinking lol !! :roll:

    Move this to the naafi and then see if we can have pics, that would be a challenge :twisted:
  10. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Im 6' and 36 waist and i use the large they are fine for length and arent so tight that they look sprayed on but still close enough to reduce wind resistance( I wish!).
    Ron Hills are the nads used them for years everytime i knock the knees out at 7 a side I just cut em off and use them as running grollys (no chaffing!). Worn em under combats in NI and Bos were toasty and comfortable.
  11. Ron Hills are awesome, but by God they make your narkers stink.

    Go for the Large, I'm a few inches bigger than you and I use XL.
  12. Ha, Ron Hills are soooooo retro. Nearly as ally as wearing a old tin skid lid today. The only people I've seen recently wearing Ron hills are Gurkhas. I on the other hand would look an absolute knob in them today. Please, please if you are going to get them buy the fluorecent yellow one's so you don't stand out in PT.