Ron hills required

Anybody know if you can get hold of Ron-hills its getting a abit cold in the morning on PT and this Regiment just does running and obviously pushing 40 the shorts might have to go till warmer weather. I had a maroon pair when I was with the Fusiliers, anybody know where you can still get em from.
Type Ron Hills into ebay and spandex stinky boll.ocks are yours for evermore.
The-Lord-Flasheart said:
Ask on Rear Party.

Do you want white stilettos too?
There still issued by the families office of most infantry units to all those ladies over 14 stone, one size fits all (size 10) but very stretchy.
Thanks for the posts thought I'D get some ribbing over the white stilettos.Thanks Lord Flasheart for asking, might be a tad tricky running with them on. Thanks CC for the site, what a bargain 9.99 Ill order 2 pairs.

Thanks for your help.

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