My OC in G Sqn 4 RTR, great guy, down to earth and no messing, remember him at Hohne once quizzing the Gunnery Wing about "gun memory" then destroying their theories. If there is a ten pin bowling team in heaven
Ron will be in it.
Presumably he of the Aquilina trainer fame? Never met the gentleman but many happy hour on the trainer; good bit of kit.
For those who may be interested in attending a Hide has been set up as follows:

3rdHQBAB said:
I've chosen "The Golden Hind" for it's easy location.On the Parkway (A38 Plymouth) towards Liskeard and off at the Mannadon ( Plymouth Argyle ) exit and it's there on the left.

The Golden Hind
260 Mannamead Road
Plymouth PL3 5RJ

Google Golden Hind, its open 12noon on Thurs. Not 1130 as stated.

The landlord would like approx numbers to set out a table, and those who are likely to require food.

So I suggest RV @ 1200hrs Golden Hind and then it's a short trip to Efford.
Those who knew Ackers and are interested in joining us fro lunch prior to the event please pm me.
As far as the bowling goes, he was a very dear friend. as an officer and a soldier he will always be respeted in my eyes. My heart goes out to Sue and his girls.

Ron, thanks for everything you taught me, sorry i never got that title i think you wanted me to win.

RIP to the green fields beyond

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