Romney names Paul Ryan as running mate

Discussion in 'US' started by alib, Aug 11, 2012.

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  1. This is a very interesting choice, Paul Ryan is young, capable, charismatic and most famous for the a very right wing budget plan that went dow a storm with the Congress GOP and was popular with the Tea Party tendency.

    This is also "a courageous decision" as Sir Humphrey used to say. I'm sure his campaign has studied the numbers before nailing these colors to the mast but Mitt may have lost the election right here. And just as the old etcher-sketcher was starting to pivot on healthcare as he was bombing on that with women.

    The problem for the GOP is that plan is very easy to spin as an attack on key entitlements of the not so well off elderly, Medicare (senior's socialized cherished medicine) and social security (state pensions). Newt Gingrich described it as "social engineering" and thought it no better for being "from the right". Expect the plutocrat pampering, granny starving, Romney Hood not Robin Hood meme to get wheeled out by team Barry.

    In The Miami Herald Why Paul Ryan could be a drag in Florida (which Marco Rubio helps Romney win)
  2. I think Romney just shot himself in the foot - and I say that ruefully!
  3. On the other hand, on TAC Romney Does Something Smart. And Then Another Smart Thing! By SCOTT MCCONNELL
    Well you could see Ryan as a strong signal that Romney intends to fight, the in practice rather hawkish, Barry mainly on the weak domestic economy. Well he'd be a fool to do anything else.

    Col Lang, another "paleo-con", adds a bit skepticism on that turning into actual policy in A Romney foreign policy team seeing Miit surrounded by neocons or Israel's fellow travelers. Who a POTUS owes favors to is often key to understanding how they'll jump, Mitt owes Adelson big time and appears to be a be a man who honors his debts.
  4. Col Lang also offers this on the Ryan pick
    The WWII battleship is signaling Romney=Reagan. I doubt if Reagan would ever have risked running on something as risky as the Ryan plan.
  5. As I said... a self inflicted wound!
  6. We could kill every single millionaire and billionaire in the country, and take every dime of value they possess. Liquidate the assets of the Fortune 500 corporations in their entirety.

    And still not be close to closing the deficit. There simply isn't the money out there to be taxed, sorry. Spending cuts are critical, or in a couple decades the US will default on its debts for the first time in history, and if you think the world economic situation is bad now, watch what happens then. We can all run around pretending we can keep spending on social programs like it's cool, or we can get fcuking serious about fixing the Federal budget. I have no confidence that the 51% of Americans who no longer pay any fcuking income tax will get serious about it. Guess we'll see.
  7. The Ryan/Romney agenda has very little to do with fiscal prudence, What we have here is naked, extractive class warfare on behalf of the top decile. And that would be fine but its patently a formula that has failed. The Ryan plan is a recipe for a ballooning deficit as government steps back and providers gouge as any sensible enterprise would, it's a recipe for rent seeking on a 60s South American scale.

    I don't think much of the Dems, they've been bought just like the other side.. However for the past four decades the GOP has preached prudence and spent like a rdrunken sailor when it has been in office to support its backers and it will again. The only period of discipline was under Clinton and that was twinned with a feckless attitude to regulation that led to future busts.

    America's very limited social programs are not just democratically sanctioned but an economic stabilizer as capital retreats nervously from markets. Your main problem is being screwed by big interests in things like healthcare with the complicity of government and until there is some collective will to stop being such weak willed. easily led pussies it will continue.
  8. Which is why the Tea Party was born and is successfully electing candidates who are serious about cutting spending. The Dems keep whining about increasing taxes, no increase in taxes will make a meaningful dent in the fiscal deficit. None at all. And they know this, and play class warfare saying "the rich don't pay their fair share". Their proposed income tax increases will do fcuk-all to fix our budgetary crisis, and would likely exacerbate it by further stunting economic growth. Even Bill Clinton had a moment of candor and said the current tax rates should remain in place until the economy gets back on track, before Team Ogabe had a little scream at his handlers. I am by no means a fan of Bush the Elder or Bush Junior, as relates to domestic policies, from the Patriot Act to Medicare Plan D. I'm by no means a fan of a Republican Party that acts like Democrat Lite. But I would vote for a dead stick over the current Socialist in Chief, and frankly I wish a serious, honest and frank politician like Ryan were at the top of the Republican ticket.
  9. The man in his own words. he seems very at ease with such an issue as "Obamacare" not a confrontational bogeyman at all. And I cant wait to see him tear the shit out of Plugs Biden in the debate because Bidens done like Custer

    Paul Ryan Takes Apart Obamacare in 6 Minutes - YouTube
  10. Rasmussen: Ryan favorability 39/25, 52/29 among … seniors « Hot Air

  11. George W. Bush was handed a 2.4 surplus of GDP when he took office. In four years he managed to turn it into a 3.6 percent deficit.

    Still, there's one thing we can be sure of about the Republicians as financial managers: they'll always manage to faint and fall into a lifeboat, no matter who else gets left to drown.
  12. We were attacked fuckstick for one thing. For another we had a recession when he took office. From 2nd Qtr FY00 When Bill Clinton was President to 3rd Qtr FY01

    But hell lets not let some facts get in the way of communist propaganda
  13. Trouble is there's lots of blather about fiscal responsibility but when it comes down to it in Congress they are all just running after their favored red state entitlements and trying to tamp down taxes on the better off.

    You are right restoring pre-Bush tax rates on the wealthy will have fairly trivial affects on the economy, they've already burnt a large hole in Uncle Sam's pocket. Neither will expending the deficit by coddling rich folk and reducing them further. That's all politics, though the polls are much keener on the former direction of class warfare.

    With a possible recession looming few conventional economists would recommend raising revenues, in fact what you want to is ensure is that especially the lower deciles have cash to spend. The wealthy won'y use their capital productively until demand is restored and that's mostly a matter easing the burdens on hard pressed blue collar guys who will spend all they can get. This is pretty much the opposite direction to what the GOP is planning, pushing down on the lower deciles, and lightening the load on the wealthy. In reality Romney's books don't balance any better then Herman Cain's or Berlusconi's, it's just a happy fairy tale for the economically illiterate.

    In these circumstances economists will be even stronger in their objections to cutting spending even on things that are dear to the Tea Party like Pentagon pork and daft agri subsidies, what they'll recommend is counter cyclic spending. Like the UK the US has been deferring a great deal of necessary public spending for decades and has a huge hidden deficit in things like infrastructure, labor is cheap and DC's credit thanks to market forces is free, it's plain bad business to let stuff rot and repair costs escalate in the name of starving the beast.

    Much of Europe has gone in the opposite direction to conventional wisdom and is varying from weaker and declining growth than the US in Germany, recession in the UK, to outright depression in Greece which under pressure from the troika has cut deep into the muscle of the economy in the reckless pro-cyclic Tea Party style.

    The real risk of the Tea Party getting their ideological foibles indulged is the US goes into back into recession. The markets up the vig to on its huge debt and that causes it to balloon faster than the US is willing to pay taxes to cover the interest. That's a formula for going back to the 30s and even pampered folk should be damn scared of that prospect. At some point when the economy is healthy growing again what government does can be pruned back and middle deciles taxes will probably have to rocket up to pay the existing debt down.