Romeo Troop and ECM (FP) Sqn

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by spacemanspiff, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. Lads and Lasses,

    I am trying to gather some information on Romeo Troop and their beginnings. When was if formed? Why the Ghostbuster spook as an emblem, and when was it first used? I have a lot of potentially good explanations, ranging from strange looking handheld ECM kit, to the blokes looking like ghosts after being locked in-doors for too long! Any other explanations?

    I have enough detail on what they did from early 90s onwards, but would like to hear from any old and bold who served before this time. I understand the sensitivity of the Ops and Kit of the time, but please PM me and I will call call you from work and explain why I need this info.

    If there are enough old boys and girls out there, then maybe its time for a re-union! The Bin is calling you all home! One In, All In.

    Thanks and kind regards,

    Spaceman Spiff
  2. They were always crossing streams in the urinal apparently.
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  3. Yup, cos of the ECM kit. I still have my Ghostbusters jumper somewhere.

    Sorry to resurrect a dead thread. But then, we are Ghostbusters. :D
  4. I loved that Bin lol!

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  5. The bin is legendary. There was a girl who didn't like lager so did the bin with White wine!!! Insta pissed!!!
  6. A lot more went on at India Tp urinals
  7. No one will ever know

    One In All In
  8. Do not pass this guy any information or do you want to meet my granny sucking eggs.
  9. Only someone not in the know would post to the Poison Dwarf...he'll tell you everything he knows about Romeo