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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Tremaine, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. Watched "Power of the Legion" episode (Season 1), on the ever excellent National Geographic Channel tonight. "Deadly and disciplined, Rome owed its power to its legion army. Now, new archeological finds reveal more about its invaders, killers, peacekeepers and colonists". Included a look in to the 9AD Teutoburgerwald fiasco, which location those stationed around Detmold/Osnabruck may have visited. I remember seeing the humongous statue of Hermann (the German) with, at the time, only an inkling of what had gone on there. The monument commemorates the Cherusci war chief Hermann or Armin (Latin: Arminius) and the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in which the Germanic tribes under Arminius recorded a decisive victory in 9 AD over three Roman legions under Varus.

    Hermannsdenkmal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Season 1 - Rome Revealed

    Rome Revealed TV Show - National Geographic Channel - UK
    As the basis of Western civilisation, Rome is the most enduring superpower the world has ever seen. But, despite its fame, experts are still unveiling new insights into this mighty and bloodthirsty civilisation. Using interviews and dramatic reconstructions to recreate the empire's epic history, this series takes a new look at the culture that created the modern world. Show times for Rome Revealed - UK TV Guide

    Excellent interactive website: About Rome Revealed Show - National Geographic Channel - UK

    Looking forward to this series being released on DVD and wondered who else is following this series.

  2. Didn't see it but will look out for it in future, thanks for posting the link.
  3. You're welcome b_c. Schedule's here, enjoy.
  4. Ok ok :) late night , duly amended to 9AD. Thanks for the link, scalie, was looking for a decent website on this stuff.